Tuesday Track Workouts
2017 Workout Schedule
Sept 5 - October 31
Coached interval training with Joel Pasternack. Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Ridgewood 6:15 PM (3-4 miles)
Sept 7- Nov 2
Coached tempo workout with Dominique Hamel at Vets Field 131 N Maple Ridgewood. 6:15 PM (3-5 miles.)
Casual 5-10 mile group run, various paces. Ridgewood Duck Pond trail head, 8:00 AM (5-10 miles)
Run 4 Fun Intermediate group run, Saddle River Park at Glen Rock Duck Pond, 9:00 AM (4-6 miles)
Long Run from Saddle River Park at Glen Rock Duck Pond (meet in the first parking lot), 7:30 AM. Groups break out by pace and mileage: 10 to 22 miles at 7:20 pace. 10 miles at 8:30 pace. 10 to 18 miles at 8:00-10:00 pace
Tuesday Track Workouts


Members of the North Jersey Masters can take advantage of the clubs diverse offering of workout programs (Speed, Tempo, and Endurance; coached and group workouts). The purpose of this combined speed-tempo-endurance combination is to improve your ability to run fast for a long period of time. During the off-season workouts are organized by club members into group runs, the location and time of these workouts can vary when moving from the regular season to the winter months.



While running is a year around and weather agnostic endeavor, most runners prefer to run when it is nice outside. The club considers the running season to be mid-March through mid-November each year. This is also when most of the running events seem to occur. We do not stop for winter, but the number of options for racing and working out are less.

Always check the home page of the website or Twitter for any last minute updates to scheduled workouts.

Interval Training for Speed: Spring/Fall Tuesday Night Track Workouts

Coached Speed workouts are held every Tuesday evening (Spring: March to May; Fall: September to October) at the Benjamin Franklin Middle School (NOTE: sometimes we move to Veterans Field in Ridgewood if there is a school athletic event that overlaps our scheduled time - Veterans Field is located on Maple Ave. behind the Ridgewood Public Library.) Announcements, Strides, and the workout will start at 6:15pm sharp. Arrive early to warm-up 1-1/2 miles. These workouts are held every Tuesday from March until June, and September to November. A major advantage of our club's size is that finding a group that will workout at your pace is highly likely: attendance at these sessions can exceed forty runners. See Tuesday Night Track Workouts below for a general explanation of this workout, and the Coach's Corner section which details each upcoming workout.

Lactate Threshold Training (Tempo): Spring/Summer/Fall Thursday Night Workouts

Coached Tempo workouts are held every Thursday evening at Benjamin Franklin Middle School Track and Glen Rock Duck Pond from March until the end of May. The workouts begin promptly at 6:45 PM.

A tempo run teaches your body to adapt to an increased intensity. By tempo running, you can accumulate a fairly high volume of relatively intense work that improves both the aerobic and lactate-threshold systems. This type of program benefits runners of all abilities.

Beginner Training: Spring/Fall Saturday Morning Workouts

Coached workouts are held every Saturday morning between 8:00am and 10:00am during the winter season. Locations include Glen Rock Duck Pond. A full schedule of locations, by week, is published before the start of each Spring or Fall season. These workouts form part of the Club's Couch To 5K (C25K) running program, designed specifically for beginners with little or no running experience. Given the focus on beginners the workouts are NOT open workouts and individuals need to contact the Coach prior to attending these sessions. In addition to the physical exercise - during the hour long session the Coach will discuss a number of important topics (e.g. hydration, running form, clothing, basic physiology etc). Runners are encouraged to attend all 10 workouts in a season. At the end of the program runners will complete the Ridgewood Run 5K (Spring) or the Paramus Run 5K or Harrington Park 5K (Fall).

For additional information, please visit our Welcome To Running web page.

Summer Tuesday Evening Workouts Interval Training

In the summer we move under the trees of the Dunkerhook County Park off Paramus Road in Paramus. Coached evening workouts are held every Tuesday evening at Dunkerhook starting at 6:15 PM sharp. They follow the same schedule and sequence of the Spring/Fall sessions. These workouts are open to runners of all abilities.

Tuesday Track Workouts


Spring/Summer Long Runs (ENDURANCE)

Several endurance runs are available throughout the year:

  1. The Tice's Course workout is run every Sunday, throughout the year, starting at 7:30 AM. Long runs of 6 to 22 miles start from the Glen Rock section of the Saddle River County Park. The Glen Rock Area of the Saddle River County Park is located off Prospect Street in Glen Rock. Contact Debi Brathwaite, Lisa Swain or Dominique Hamel for details. See the 10 Mile Course Map, or the 15 Mile Course Map.

  2. Long runs of 8-16 miles intermediate is meeting at Glen Rock Duck Pond. We will meet every Sunday at 7:30 AM with the intent to prepare for Spring marathons. We sometimes go to different locations such at Rockefeller Preserve Park, Palisades, Fort Lee to Van Cortland, Hudson River Greenway. Lots of hills! All abilities are welcome. Refer to website calendar, FB group run page, or contact Dominique Hamel for details.

Spring/Summer Intermediate Group Runs

We have our "Run 4 Fun" group run on Saturdays at 9:00 AM at the Glen Rock Duck Pond section of the Saddle River County Park. This organized group run is intended for our beginning and intermediate runners. Typically we will run for approximately 47 minutes (24 minutes out - appx 23 minutes back) on the walk/bike path towards Saddle Brook/Rochelle Park and have a light post-workout stretching/conditioning/strides.

Various pace groups at 9-9:30, 11:30-12, 15-16 (run/walk) covering approximately 3 to 5 miles.

Meet us at the second pavilion (near the newly built fishing pier at the Glen Rock Duck Pond area) and let's have some FUN. If you come once you will be hooked



Saturday Group Run:

8:00 AM at the start of the bicycle path of the Ridgewood Duck Pond. Most of the runners go south past the Dunkerhook and Otto Pehle Areas until the five-mile mark, and then turn around for the return to Glen Rock.

9:00 am at glen Rock Duck Pond near the 2nd parking lot the Intermediate group Run 4 Fun go south on Saddle River path for 4 to 6 miles at various paces.

Sunday Long Runs (ENDURANCE):

The Sunday long run is conducted year round. Refer to the information above in section Spring/Summer Long Runs (ENDURANCE).

Thursday Moderate Tempo Run:

The group will meet at the Saddle River Park at the Glen Rock Duck Pond. at 10:00 AM and leave from the southern parking lot. The run will travel through Dunkerhook South to the Otto Pehle Rest Area, and return to Glen Rock for a total distance of seven (7) miles. See the Course Map. There are several alternatives to lengthen or shorten the distance. This weekly run will last through the winter until Mid-March 2014.

If you wish to join us, send an e-mail to Dominique Hamel or Mike Machuca so that we can add you to our mailing list. Every Tuesday evening an e-mail will inform you of the expected weather conditions for Thursday and ask those who plan to attend to identify themselves. Hopefully, we will always have many running partners.

Although we invite runners that run at all paces, the current list indicates that the group(s) pace will start the season at between 8:30 to 10:00 minutes per mile. Also, in the past we have never missed more than one workout per year. Thus, you can gamble and show up whenever you wish, but be on time if you wish to run with the group.

Our Coaches

Dominique Hamel
Dominique Hamel
Thursday night Tempo Workout
C25K Coach

Joel Pasternack
Joel Pasternack
Tuesday night Interval Training


Tuesday Night Track Workouts

Interval workouts are intended to increase your race speed. The workout consists of a series of repetitions of an exercise phase and a recovery phase. Our coach determines and directs the workout. The speed at which you run the exercise phase is based upon your 5K minutes per mile running time; it is a guide to selecting the appropriate group. Use the tables below to determine your 5K pace time and the corresponding 400 meter time.

Your goal is to complete the workout feeling good. That includes the warm-up, the workout, and the cool-down. Do not try to compete with others, they may cause you not to finish the workout. Settle in with a group that allows you to run at a comfortable pace. If not, drop back to the next group.


Tuesday Track WorkoutsBefore leaving your home, know your average 5K minutes per mile and 400 meter running time. Use the pace charts below. For example, a 5K running time of 25 minutes translates to about eight minutes per mile or 2 minutes per quarter mile (400 meters). The coach will describe the exercise phase in these terms.

Know how to get to the track and park. Plan on arriving early for your warm-up. Try to be on the track at 5:45 so that you can comfortably do a 10-15 minute warm-up of a mile or more, followed by some stretching. Bring water and appropriate warm-up/cool-down clothes. Finally, know your track.

The Sequence:

5:45 - 6:10 Arrive relaxed, warm-up, stretch, and socialize

6:10 - 6:15 Coach gathers the members. Be prepared to get to the starting area, you don't want to miss anything he says. Club officers will make general announcements and introductions. Coach explains today's workout and sends us out for one mile of "strides". Strides are short quick efforts where you practice good form. They are followed by easy jogs. After finishing the strides we gather again at the starting line to do "the workout".

6:25 - 7:00 Usually, a three mile interval workout. It is run counter-clockwise on the inside lanes of the track. The faster groups will go first, followed a few seconds later by the second group, and so on. Stay with your group at the agreed-to-pace in order to get the most benefit. If a faster runner(s) come up behind you yelling "track", slowly move with the group to the outside lanes, yielding the inner lane(s) to the faster runners.

7:00 - 7:15 Cool-down


Running and training is a potentially hazardous activity and you should not run unless you are medically able. You acknowledge and accept any and all risks related in any way to running and any related activities (the "Activities"). You have no medical condition that may restrict or prohibit your participation in any such Activities, including but not limited to: workouts, falls, contact with other participants, the effect of weather, including low or high temperatures and/or humidity, the conditions of the track or course, all such risks being assumed and appreciated by you. You agree to be responsible for your own safety while participating in any activities sponsored by the North Jersey Masters Track & Field Club ("NJM").


400 Meters at 5K Pace Chart

400 Meter
      400 Meter
1:144:56 1:467:04
1:155:00 1:477:08
1:165:04 1:487:12
1:175:08 1:497:16
1:185:12 1:507:20
1:195:16 1:517:24
1:205:20 1:527:28
1:215:24 1:537:32
1:225:28 1:547:36
1:235:32 1:557:40
1:245:36 1:567:44
1:255:40 1:577:48
1:265:44 1:587:52
1:275:48 1:597:56
1:285:52 2:008:00
1:295:56 2:018:04
1:306:00 2:028:08
1:316:04 2:038:12
1:326:08 2:048:16
1:336:12 2:058:20
1:346:16 2:068:24
1:356:20 2:078:28
1:366:24 2:088:32
1:376:28 2:098:36
1:386:32 2:108:40
1:396:36 2:118:44
1:406:40 2:128:48
1:416:44 2:138:52
1:426:48 2:148:56
1:436:52 2:159:00
1:446:56 2:169:04
1:457:00 2:179:08

Pace Chart

Time/Mile5K5M10K15K10M1/2 MarMar

Pace Calculator

Enter how far you want to run and what time you would like to complete and this will calculate the pace you need to maintain. Or enter the distance and the pace and this will calculate your expected finish time.

Distance (miles):
Distance (kilometers):
Finish Time (hh:mm:ss):
Pace (mm:ss):

Heart Rate Calculator

This will calculate your optimal pace heart rate. You want to target your heart rate to this number when training at your normal pace.

Your age:
Your resting heart rate (bpm):
Target Heart Rate:

Calorie Calculator

This will calculate the estimated calories burned for the indicated activity.

North Jersey Masters Track and Field Club Mission Statement

North Jersey Masters is a running club that provides a healthy running environment for runners of all ages and abilities. Through coached workouts and weekend runs, members attain their goals and enjoy a lifelong pursuit of the sport within a supportive and friendly club environment.

North Jersey Masters Track and Field Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered in the state of New Jersey, founded by Fred and Toshi D'Elia in 1976.

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