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Apple Chase 12K:

Oct 15, 2017 · Pompton Plains, NJ
96 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:39:11Women's Winning Time 00:50:31
6.Carol Keegan51:443rd Woman
12.Fabian Vasquez53:383rd Age
26.Nancy Gitin59:181st Age
32.Jack Frame01:00:591st Age
63.Daniel Kirsch01:12:022nd Age
64.Mike Machuca01:12:163rd Age

Apple Chase 5K:

Oct 15, 2017 · Pompton Plains, NJ
120 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:19:05Women's Winning Time 00:22:30
100.Jane Van Eeuwen48:41.011st Age
45.Bill Welsh01:41:01.001st Age
Half Marathon

Brooklynite Half Marathon:

Oct 15, 2017 · Brooklyn, NY
79 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:21:25Women's Winning Time 01:41:08
66.Andrew B. Paer02:38:132nd Age
69.Barbara Paer02:41:391st Age

Family Reach Foundation XC 5K:

Oct 15, 2017 · Darlington Park, Mahwah, NJ
72 Runners 
33 Men, Winning Time 00:19:4239 Women, Winning Time 00:22:10
 posted from CompuScore
58.John Mucha37:15.002nd Age

Fred Torres Memorial X-C 5K:

Oct 15, 2017 · Woodland Park
73 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:18:30Women's Winning Time 00:23:39
48.Glenn Jacobs31:15.50

Paramus Run 10K:

Oct 15, 2017 · Paramus, NJ
306 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
177 Men, Winning Time 00:33:33129 Women, Winning Time 00:43:30
 posted from CompuScore
111.Don W Lee00:55.00
2.Sam Teigen34:49.852nd Overall-PR
20.Mark McKnight44:43.77
22.Gregory Menken44:51.901st Age
24.Eric Perlmutter45:07.113rd Age
28.Lisa Swain45:41.213rd Women
35.Ed Kavanagh47:01.202nd Age
52.Bob Roemer49:02.201st Age
60.Debbie Brathwaite49:53.042nd Age
63.Kevin Burns50:01.161st Age
97.Shimon Peretz54:02.253rd Age
108.Mary Connolly54:54.96
135.Stephen Karcich56:39.05
141.Norman Chester57:18.83
144.Maria Scibetta57:33.38
147.Gail Kislevitz58:02.061st Age
149.Alexander Ramos58:05.19
166.Michael Vitulano59:05.20
175.Cami Klein59:43.051st Age
206.Gail Warshaw01:02:49.332nd Age
238.Susan Keefer01:07:21.99
251.Hugo Del Bove01:09:03.62
280.Antje Hennings01:14:44.812nd Age

Paramus Run 5K:

Oct 15, 2017 · Paramus, NJ
446 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
236 Men, Winning Time 00:16:29210 Women, Winning Time 00:18:39
 posted from CompuScore
1.Chris Andersen16:29.021st Overall
2.Sam Teigen16:51.132nd Overall
3.Paul Kartanowicz17:46.263rd Overall
4.Danny Paolazzi17:52.532nd Age
9.Camryn Wennersten18:39.021st Women
10.Jason Heap18:56.941st Age
20.Allison Lounsbury20:06.163rd Women
23.Max Christensen20:33.932nd Age
36.Derek Lounsbury21:37.321st Age
49.Harry Carroll22:14.551st Age
72.Taryn Wennersten23:53.111st Age
82.Wendy Bost24:19.713rd Age
86.Debbie Brathwaite24:39.941st Age
147.Sandra Galindo26:36.30
171.Patricia Kose27:50.231st Age
205.Jacqueline Reuveni29:13.99
207.Lisa Glatzer29:19.43
217.Robert Zettel29:49.283rd Age
218.Patricia Kavanagh29:54.28
227.Jennifer Ligh30:15.34
319.Joanne V Albanese34:45.261st Age
322.Steven Simon35:12.85
414.Howard Silver47:17.902nd Age

Richard's Run Ho-Ho-Kus 5K:

Oct 15, 2017 · Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
757 Runners 
368 Men, Winning Time 00:18:12389 Women, Winning Time 00:19:22
 posted from CompuScore
111.Melynda Whitnall26:15.69
123.Gerard Tuohy26:46.96
145.Beth Rissmeyer27:37.593rd Age
381.Charlotte Sands33:35.48
423.Rob Conenello34:47.24
503.Yesenia Wolf39:35.10
599.Ellen Seaver47:01.86
619.Ella Sands49:09.94
646.Svetla Sands51:54.09
647.Madeline Sands51:54.12

Susan Baer Memorial Run the Runway 5K:

Oct 15, 2017 · Newarknj,
264 Runners 
158 Men, Winning Time 00:19:10106 Women, Winning Time 00:22:42
8.Jeffrey Ruttner20:32.782nd Age

D'Feet Disabilities 5K:

Oct 14, 2017 · Ridgefield Park, NJ
106 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:19:39Women's Winning Time 00:28:25
15.Glenn Jacobs28:25.082nd Age

Rock 'n' Roll New York 10K - Brooklyn:

Oct 14, 2017 · Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY
737.Christopher Kunkel01:45:10.00

Chicago Marathon:

Oct 08, 2017 · Chicago, IL
674.David Yoo02:57:16
7406.Miho Saito03:46:30
8337.Mark Washburne03:50:31
12335.Robert Dill04:05:16
15003.Christopher Kunkel04:15:49
16541.Joe Maranzani04:21:41
18453.Michele Becker04:28:50
30182.Monica Danna05:13:26
33358.Norman Chester05:28:22
18 Mile

L.B.I. 18-Mile Run:

Oct 08, 2017 · Long Beach Twp., NJ
442 Runners 
236 Men, Winning Time 01:43:23206 Women, Winning Time 02:03:10
 posted from CompuScore
41.Mark McKnight02:23:20

Mickey Sullivan Duathlon:

Oct 08, 2017 · Pearl River, NY
47 Runners 
29 Men, Winning Time 00:55:2718 Women, Winning Time 01:08:41
8.Ron Bienstock01:05:571st Age
Half Marathon

Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon:

Oct 08, 2017 · Cohoes,N.Y.
3,397 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:07:33Women's Winning Time 01:25:33
21.Scott Robert Avidon01:27:342nd Age

Mohawk Hudson River Marathon:

Oct 08, 2017 · Schenectady, NY
1,335 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 02:27:25Women's Winning Time 02:59:46
147.Charles Davis03:38:44
352.Dominique Hamel04:08:25
539.Elizabeth Reeves04:32:38
Half Marathon

NYRR Half Marathon: Staten Island:

Oct 08, 2017 · Staten Island, NY
10,352 Runners 
5,848 Men, Winning Time 01:07:364,504 Women, Winning Time 01:16:26
 posted from NYRRC
3803.Nancy Gitin02:00:17
4276.Ryan Cinelli02:03:09
4829.Gerard Tuohy02:06:22
4981.Don W Lee02:07:18
6777.Greg Van Nest02:18:30
6898.Nicole Mont02:19:30
7626.Andrew B. Paer02:25:06
7631.Lynn Dragovich02:25:14
8580.Barbara Paer02:35:13
8636.Gail Warshaw02:35:53
9393.Brenda Olesin02:48:35
9411.Antje Hennings02:49:042nd Age
Half Marathon

Paine To Pain Trail Half Marathon:

Oct 08, 2017 · New Rochelle, NY
674 Runners 
229 Men, Winning Time 01:23:21445 Women, Winning Time 01:35:53
38.Matt Hanley01:40:23
6.66 Mile

Shades Of Death Devil's 6.66 Mile:

Oct 08, 2017 · Allamuchy, NJ
97 Runners 
29 Men, Winning Time 00:44:3168 Women, Winning Time 00:43:35
 posted from CompuScore
4.Eric Perlmutter49:093rd Men
14.Bob Roemer55:371st Age
15.Jack Frame55:442nd Age
28.Sally Simeone58:241st Age
41.Kari Gallagher01:01:592nd Age
62.Mike Machuca01:07:191st Age
Half Marathon

Shades Of Death Half Marathon:

Oct 08, 2017 · Allamuchy, NJ
163 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
78 Men, Winning Time 01:19:0586 Women, Winning Time 01:29:00
 posted from CompuScore
1.Sam Teigen01:19:051st Overall
8.Misa Tamura01:31:383rd Women
14.Carol Keegan01:36:411st Age
25.Fabian Vasquez01:42:54
37.Gloria Huberman01:47:521st Age
58.Kevin Burns01:57:201st Age
68.Gordon Pitt01:58:52
74.Patricia Fitzgerald02:00:09
115.Cami Klein02:16:323rd Age
122.Sang E. Kim02:19:54

Steamtown Marathon:

Oct 08, 2017 · Scranton, PA
1,421 Runners 
828 Men, Winning Time 02:23:40593 Women, Winning Time 03:09:34
209.Samuel Bouveron03:37:27

Chicago 5K:

Oct 07, 2017 · Chicago, IL
5,043 Runners 
2,256 Men, Winning Time 00:15:442,787 Women, Winning Time 00:17:31
3162.Miho Saito36:41.00

Haworth 5K:

Oct 07, 2017 · Haworth, NJ
404 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
201 Men, Winning Time 00:15:49203 Women, Winning Time 00:17:46
 posted from Best
3.Chris Andersen16:32.103rd Overall
8.Jason Heap19:07.302nd Age
83.Christopher Jentile25:23.60
94.Susan Rosmarin25:49.401st Age
130.Michael Vitulano27:16.80
135.Stephen Karcich27:30.80
142.Patricia Demmie28:01.603rd Age
182.Barbara Paer30:42.60
376.Howard Silver51:59.70

Oradell Kids Foundation 5K:

Oct 07, 2017 · Oradell, NJ
407 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
235 Men, Winning Time 00:16:45182 Women, Winning Time 00:20:03
 posted from Best
10.Janna Danbe20:25.202nd Women
14.Max Christensen20:44.303rd Age
20.Mark McKnight21:23.203rd Age
24.Gregory Menken21:31.401st Age
35.Tom McCarthy22:35.702nd Age
44.Larry Kahm23:21.703rd Age
99.Taylor Christensen26:09.80
138.Peter Muccio27:44.903rd Age
172.Glenn Jacobs28:30.002nd Age
227.Charles Reilly30:26.003rd Age
326.Linda Lyons34:16.603rd Age
355.Maureen Howlin37:35.60
394.Vivian Chester48:45.202nd Age

Newark Corporate Run 5K:

Oct 04, 2017 · Washington Park, Newark, NJ
698 Runners 
390 Men, Winning Time 00:17:20308 Women, Winning Time 00:19:54
 posted from CompuScore
369.Glenn Jacobs31:33.22

Cambridge 5k - Oktoberfest:

Oct 01, 2017 · Cambridge, MA
30.Matt Hanley18:32.00

Hillsdale Hawk 5K:

Oct 01, 2017 · Hillsdale, NJ
138 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:18:18Women's Winning Time 00:22:15
1.Christopher Karcich18:18.901st Overall

John's Run 5K:

Oct 01, 2017 · Township of Washington
60 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
43 Men, Winning Time 00:20:4317 Women, Winning Time 00:22:14
 posted from CompuScore
5.Gregory Menken21:54.711st Age
7.Harry Carroll22:19.222nd Age
20.Gerard Tuohy25:06.362nd Age
21.Stephen Karcich26:19.992nd Age
27.Bernard Ward27:56.301st Age
31.Glenn Jacobs29:02.19
32.Kathleen Koukeas29:23.002nd age
37.Gail Warshaw31:29.691st Age
38.Julie Stewart31:29.85
47.Alex Koukeas34:02.00
53.Antje Hennings36:28.071st Age
62.Howard Silver49:28.00

Little Silver Classic 5K:

Oct 01, 2017 · Little Silver, NJ
688 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:15:23Women's Winning Time 00:17:10
9.Danny Paolazzi17:51.002nd Age
27.Nick Paolazzi19:32.501st Age
38.Carol Keegan20:02.601st Age
72.Mark Washburne21:23.701st Age
92.Susan Murphy-Tesoriero22:06.80
101.Jack Frame22:37.601st Age
126.Debbie Brathwaite23:18.102nd Age
190.Diane Washburne24:45.00
230.Wendy M. Kerr25:41.50
291.Patricia Demmie27:12.30
294.Hugo Del Bove27:13.70
492.Maryann Murphy31:58.102nd Age
660.Jane Van Eeuwen48:21.10

NYRR Grete's Great Gallop 10K:

Oct 01, 2017 · NYC. NY
6,342 Runners 
3,157 Men, Winning Time 00:30:383,185 Women, Winning Time 00:36:42
 posted from NYRRC
689.Donna Downing46:42.001st Age
2790.Dexter David56:11.00
3016.david k kang57:05.00
3211.Patricia Zang57:55.00
4529.Andrew B. Paer01:04:13.00
4596.Barbara Paer01:04:42.00

Running with the Heat 5K:

Oct 01, 2017 · Hawthorne, NJ
60 Runners 
33 Men, Winning Time 00:19:2727 Women, Winning Time 00:22:20
2.Mark Snyder19:56.702nd Overall

Skylander 5K:

Oct 01, 2017 · Newton, NJ
115 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:19:02Women's Winning Time 00:22:14
2.Jason Heap19:23.502nd Overall

Gore Mountain Leaf Cruncher 5K:

Sep 30, 2017 · North Creek, NY
45 Runners 
25 Men, Winning Time 00:22:0120 Women, Winning Time 00:30:13
9999.Christopher Kunkel30:02.00

Scott-A-Palooza 5K:

Sep 25, 2017 · Morristown, NJ
156 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:19:43Women's Winning Time 00:22:42
1.Jason Heap19:43.371st Overall

CancerCare Paramus 5K:

Sep 24, 2017 · Paramus, NJ
158 Runners 
87 Men, Winning Time 00:21:1171 Women, Winning Time 00:21:35
 posted from CompuScore
7.Tom Anzevino23:22.881st Age
28.Michael Vitulano27:30.863rd Age
40.Jacqueline Reuveni29:16.952nd Age
88.Vicky Marsch37:21.37

CareOne 5K Against Cancer - Ridgefield Park:

Sep 24, 2017 · Ridgefield Park, N.J.
121 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:18:49Women's Winning Time 00:20:06
19.Dexter David25:34.00
53.Teri Trivigno32:37.40

Franklin Lakes Scenic 5K:

Sep 24, 2017 · Franklin Lakes, NJ
319 Runners 
153 Men, Winning Time 00:16:51166 Women, Winning Time 00:21:01
 posted from CompuScore
1.Chris Andersen16:51.551st Overall
125.Jo Ann Brown29:09.51
270.Sachiko Kawamura44:42.121st Age
Half Marathon

Franklin Lakes Scenic Half Marathon:

Sep 24, 2017 · Franklin Lakes, NJ
277 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
167 Men, Winning Time 01:16:48110 Women, Winning Time 01:33:38
 posted from CompuScore
24.Misa Tamura01:33:381st Women
25.Brian McCourt01:34:093rd Age
30.Richard Rubino01:35:201st Age
38.Paul Capuzzo01:38:06
47.Fabian Vasquez01:40:12
62.Wendy M. Kerr01:44:34
99.Debbie Brathwaite01:52:071st Age
107.Gloria Huberman01:53:501st Age
143.william gahwyler01:59:40
154.Esther Rubinstein02:01:262nd Age
214.Harold Green02:14:361st Age
255.Hugo Del Bove02:35:463rd Age

NYRR Bronx 10 Mile:

Sep 24, 2017 · Bronx, NYC
14,964 Runners 
7,750 Men, Winning Time 00:49:297,214 Women, Winning Time 00:56:47
 posted from NYRRC
53.Sam Teigen57:07PR
284.Matt Hanley01:04:53
817.John Owens01:11:34
1806.Alexis Goebel01:17:58
2114.Christopher Kunkel01:19:14
3184.Nancy Gitin01:23:47
3844.Miho Saito01:26:05
4020.Dominique Hamel01:26:38
4691.Patricia Fitzgerald01:28:42
4846.Elizabeth Reeves01:29:11
5907.Anthony Mormino01:32:37
6132.Sophia (Ye) Chen01:33:16
6435.Svetla Sands01:34:15
7538.Norman Chester01:38:03
7637.Don W Lee01:38:24
8821.Linda Ferraro01:42:19
9008.Lynn Dragovich01:43:03
9271.Karen Hughes01:44:02
9330.Greg Van Nest01:44:18
9706.Nicole Mont01:45:41
9713.Ryan Cinelli01:45:42
10396.Kathleen Koukeas01:48:31
11938.Gail Warshaw01:56:12
12314.Michelle Christensen01:58:22
13075.Brenda Olesin02:04:03
13283.Susan Hogan02:05:59
13444.Ellen George02:07:36
13654.Lorraine Dexter02:09:44
13718.Antje Hennings02:10:31

Rochelle Park 5K:

Sep 24, 2017 · Rochelle Park, NJ
91 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:17:57Women's Winning Time 00:27:09
4.Samuel Bouveron19:54.381st Age
35.Glenn Jacobs31:30.63

Steeplechase 10K:

Sep 24, 2017 · Hillsborough, NJ
198 Runners 
95 Men, Winning Time 00:39:10103 Women, Winning Time 00:43:40
 posted from CompuScore
16.Mark Washburne47:02.532nd Age
41.Bob Roemer51:32.791st Age
66.Diane Washburne54:28.903rd Age
122.Mike Machuca01:03:53.19

Steeplechase 5K:

Sep 24, 2017 · Hillsborough, NJ
315 Runners 
141 Men, Winning Time 00:18:07174 Women, Winning Time 00:20:39
 posted from CompuScore
17.Jack Frame23:51.861st Age

West Orange Downtown 5K:

Sep 24, 2017 · West Orange, NJ
598 Runners 
220 Men, Winning Time 00:17:02378 Women, Winning Time 00:23:26
 posted from Best
4.Paul Kartanowicz18:02.903rd Age
81.Patricia Demmie28:19.50

Lakeland Hills Family YMCA Run for a Cause 5k:

Sep 23, 2017 · Mountain Lakes, NJ
93 Runners 
43 Men, Winning Time 00:19:1850 Women, Winning Time 00:23:12
 posted from CompuScore
3.Fabian Vasquez21:20.273rd Overall

Berkeley Heights 5K:

Sep 17, 2017 · Berkeley Heights, NJ
334 Runners 
189 Men, Winning Time 00:18:47145 Women, Winning Time 00:21:13
 posted from CompuScore
2.Jason Heap19:23.682nd Overall

Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City Triathlon:

Sep 17, 2017 · Atlantic City, NJ
1,733 Runners 
1,155 Men, Winning Time 04:14:45578 Women, Winning Time 04:39:57
100.Richard Rubino05:03:15
18 Mile

New York City Marathon Tune-Up 18M:

Sep 17, 2017 · Central Park, NYC
5,027 Runners 
2,547 Men, Winning Time 01:38:012,472 Women, Winning Time 01:54:15
 posted from NYRRC
406.Janna Danbe02:24:32
739.Michael Neilson02:34:17
1523.Esther Rubinstein02:47:45
1676.Donna Downing02:50:20
2120.Miho Saito02:57:22
2014.Elizabeth Reeves02:58:37
2205.Dominique Hamel02:58:37
2531.Patricia Fitzgerald03:04:45
2797.Karen Hughes03:09:07
3075.Michele Damiano03:14:23
3591.Patricia Zang03:24:04
3650.Lynn Dragovich03:25:26
4051.Don W Lee03:36:04
4173.Monica Danna03:39:44
4309.Barbara Paer03:44:31
4788.Andrew B. Paer04:13:30
Half Marathon

Newport Liberty Half Marathon:

Sep 17, 2017 · Jersey City, NJ
2,514 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
1,422 Men, Winning Time 01:11:461,092 Women, Winning Time 01:12:48
 posted from CompuScore
22.Sam Teigen01:19:223rd Age
29.David Yoo01:21:57PR
42.John Hogan01:25:152nd Age
85.Misa Tamura01:29:511st Age
103.Chris Peterson01:30:42
217.Nora Cary01:38:591st Age
248.Gregory Menken01:40:212nd Age
270.Mark McKnight01:41:37
279.Fabian Vasquez01:42:09
329.Christopher Kunkel01:44:11
348.Robert Chirkis01:44:50
453.Debbie Brathwaite01:48:201st Age
515.Gloria Huberman01:50:332nd Age
528.Nancy Gitin01:50:50
545.Mark Washburne01:51:51
760.Gordon Pitt01:57:53
870.Kevin Burns02:00:22
1003.Stuart E. Shilitz02:03:00
996.Michele Becker02:03:09
1072.Hugo Del Bove02:05:25
1123.Jayesh Jesalpura02:06:05
1148.Janine Koller02:07:13
1256.Cami Klein02:10:05
1374.Bernard Ward02:11:54
1449.Joanna Cunningham02:14:32
1463.Pete Doroshenko02:15:07
1507.Daniel Kirsch02:16:422nd Age
1545.Guy Gosselin02:17:11
1694.Mike Machuca02:21:29
1760.Jack Frame02:24:44
2004.Gail Warshaw02:33:55
1994.Maryann Murphy02:34:001st Age
2246.Antje Hennings02:46:222nd Age
2442.Pete Kelly03:07:47

Park Ridge Rotary and Halfway Hounds 5K:

Sep 17, 2017 · Park Ridge, NJ
105 Runners 
60 Men, Winning Time 00:18:2245 Women, Winning Time 00:23:23
 posted from Best
34.Michael Vitulano28:03.20
39.Peter Muccio29:40.60

Portland Trail To Ale 10K:

Sep 17, 2017 · Portland, ME
1,274 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:32:32Women's Winning Time 00:37:53
33.Matt Hanley40:19.001st Age

Lobsterman Triathlon - Olympic Distance:

Sep 16, 2017 · Freeport, Maine
381 Runners 
222 Men, Winning Time 02:10:38159 Women, Winning Time 02:10:04
80.Matt Hanley02:40:37

Ramsey 10k:

Sep 16, 2017 · Ramsey,N.J.
127 Runners 
86 Men, Winning Time 00:36:5941 Women, Winning Time 00:43:09
 posted from CompuScore
2.John Hogan37:54.102nd Overall
13.John McCormack46:35.533rd Age
51.Laura Burnham56:32.541st Age

Ramsey 5K:

Sep 16, 2017 · Ramsey,N.J.
182 Runners 
91 Men, Winning Time 00:17:5391 Women, Winning Time 00:19:32
 posted from CompuScore
82.Lisa Glatzer29:58.303rd Age
85.Michele Damiano30:14.28
90.Helen Damiano30:43.301st Age

The 4 Miler at Garret Mountain:

Sep 16, 2017 · Garret Mountain Reservation,Woodland Pk. N.J.
129 Runners 
76 Men, Winning Time 00:24:5553 Women, Winning Time 00:31:18
 posted from Best
18.Debbie Brathwaite32:51.002nd Women
61.Glenn Jacobs39:01.70
128.Alexandra Bru56:09.101st Age

Run On The Reservoir 5K:

Sep 14, 2017 · West Orange, NJ
67 Runners 
48 Men, Winning Time 00:16:4719 Women, Winning Time 00:22:28
18.Dexter David25:57.00

5K Run For Everyone:

Sep 10, 2017 · Westfield, NJ
445 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
229 Men, Winning Time 00:15:59216 Women, Winning Time 00:19:48
 posted from CompuScore
4.Chris Andersen16:40.272nd Age
13.Misa Tamura19:48.641st Women

Empty Sky New Jersey 9/11 Memorial 5K:

Sep 10, 2017 · Jersey City, NJ
133 Runners 
51 Men, Winning Time 00:23:1282 Women, Winning Time 00:25:43
 posted from Best
61.Linda Lyons36:09.301st Age

Fifth Avenue Mile:

Sep 10, 2017 · New York, NY
7,656 Runners 
4,034 Men, Winning Time 00:03:523,630 Women, Winning Time 00:04:17
 posted from NYRRC
220.Matt Hanley04:53.00
264.John Hogan04:57.00
2727.Jack Frame06:27.00
3607.Don W Lee06:50.00
Half Marathon

Lehigh Valley Half Marathon:

Sep 10, 2017 · Allentown, PA
703 Runners 
279 Men, Winning Time 01:17:52424 Women, Winning Time 01:19:41
180.Marcia Lyman01:53:20

Lehigh Valley Marathon:

Sep 10, 2017 · Allentown, PA
763 Runners 
436 Men, Winning Time 02:31:24327 Women, Winning Time 03:01:48
184.James Linn03:25:271st Age

Netcong 5K:

Sep 10, 2017 · Netcong, NJ
196 Runners 
95 Men, Winning Time 00:17:41101 Women, Winning Time 00:21:12
 posted from Best
25.Sandra Galindo25:18.802nd Women

Racefaster 5K - Paramus:

Sep 10, 2017 · Paramus
120 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:17:31Women's Winning Time 00:22:31
6.Jason Heap20:21.301st Age
25.Chuck Nebbia25:41.302nd Age
46.Joe Di Vincent Jr.28:32.903rd Age
Half Marathon

Racefaster Half Marathon:

Sep 10, 2017 · Paramus, NJ
339 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:09:18Women's Winning Time 01:29:33
10.David Yoo01:26:472nd Age
12.Samuel Bouveron01:27:133rd Age
135.Hugo Del Bove01:58:071st Age
Half Marathon

Run the Reservoir Half Marathon:

Sep 10, 2017 · Westwood, NJ
 USATF-GP: 500 pts.
143 Men, Winning Time 01:17:2784 Women, Winning Time 01:34:51
 posted from CompuScore
12.Carol Keegan01:34:391st Women
48.Mark Washburne01:46:022nd Age
131.Mary Connolly02:04:33
161.Cami Klein02:10:491st Age
162.Bernard Ward02:11:211st Age
167.Amalie Park02:13:38
169.Norman Chester02:14:11
190.Kathleen Koukeas02:23:18
189.Elizabeth Reeves02:23:191st Age

Skylands Triathlon - Olympic Distance:

Sep 10, 2017 · Spruce Run St. Pk. Clinton,N.J.
60 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 02:29:02Women's Winning Time 03:00:34
58.Sally Simeone03:59:192nd Age

South Nyack 10 Mile:

Sep 10, 2017 · South Nyack, NY
439 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:55:25Women's Winning Time 01:09:37
127.Esther Rubinstein01:25:502nd Age
202.Christopher Jentile01:30:33
341.Andrew B. Paer01:44:53
388.Barbara Paer01:51:48

Fallen Heroes 5K Memorial Run:

Sep 09, 2017 · Lake Como, NJ
688 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:17:39Women's Winning Time 00:19:52
2.Danny Paolazzi18:29.402nd Overall
10.Nick Paolazzi19:53.701st Age
56.Bob Roemer23:28.401st Age
71.Debbie Brathwaite24:01.901st Age
82.Kevin Burns24:30.50
104.Kurt Helstrom24:59.101st Age
211.Patricia Demmie27:35.202nd Age
223.Glenn Jacobs27:57.70

Charlton Old Home Day 5 Mile:

Sep 04, 2017 · Charlton, MA
350 Runners 
185 Men, Winning Time 00:30:05165 Women, Winning Time 00:33:42
84.Teresa Simpson42:00.003rd Age
126.Stephen Jones45:14.00

Glen Rock Arboretum Run 5K:

Sep 04, 2017 · Glen Rock, NJ
244 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:17:09Women's Winning Time 00:19:10
10.Camryn Wennersten19:10.711st Women
32.Joe Maranzani21:27.90
33.Lisa Swain21:33.511st Age
40.Tom McCarthy21:49.931st Age
59.Ron Bienstock23:24.332nd Age
60.Taryn Wennersten23:32.861st Age
64.Guy Gosselin23:50.55
79.Stuart E. Shilitz24:49.28
94.Maria Scibetta26:02.412nd Age
120.Stephen Karcich27:27.26
170.Charles Reilly30:10.89
Half Marathon

New Haven Half Marathon:

Sep 04, 2017 · New Haven, Conn.
1,224 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:14:35Women's Winning Time 01:20:36
143.Donna Downing01:40:511st Age
952.Andrew B. Paer02:22:09
1049.Barbara Paer02:30:03

Paterson Great Falls 5K:

Sep 04, 2017 · Paterson, NJ
97 Runners 
63 Men, Winning Time 00:18:0634 Women, Winning Time 00:24:07
 posted from CompuScore
3.Matt Hanley19:00.003rd Overall
10.Mark Snyder21:31.842nd Age
32.Sandra Galindo25:41.623rd Women

Pier House 5K:

Sep 04, 2017 · Long Branch, NJ
715 Runners 
393 Men, Winning Time 00:15:24322 Women, Winning Time 00:19:24
166.Edward Lhotak24:37.80
246.Norman Chester26:22.50

SEFCU Labor Day 5K:

Sep 04, 2017 · SUNY Albany, NY
170 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:15:50Women's Winning Time 00:19:03
41.Christopher Kunkel22:33.00

Verona Labor Day 5K:

Sep 04, 2017 · Verona, NJ
482 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
261 Men, Winning Time 00:16:38221 Women, Winning Time 00:18:57
 posted from CompuScore
16.Jason Heap19:13.801st Age
56.Gregory Menken21:39.201st Age
64.Mark Washburne22:02.953rd Age
95.Jack Frame23:20.671st Age
98.Nancy Gitin23:25.313rd Age
119.Debbie Brathwaite24:12.002nd age
126.Hugo Del Bove24:21.842nd Age
171.Sally Simeone26:01.53
381.Joseph C. Holloway35:24.91
432.Adriana Rivera39:03.03
440.Alexandra Bru39:37.053rd Age

Closter Run 5K:

Sep 03, 2017 · Closter, NJ
169 Runners 
101 Men, Winning Time 00:17:2068 Women, Winning Time 00:20:55
 posted from Best
18.Tom Anzevino22:36.001st Age
67.Melynda Whitnall26:44.40
73.Susan Rosmarin27:16.501st Age
75.Michael Vitulano27:54.70
89.Glenn Jacobs29:41.00
103.Gail Warshaw31:45.402nd Age
138.Antje Hennings36:58.202nd Age
165.Howard Silver52:07.503rd Age

Woodbridge Crossroads of NJ 10K:

Sep 03, 2017 · Woodbridge, NJ
85 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
61 Men, Winning Time 00:37:3524 Women, Winning Time 00:40:17
 posted from CompuScore
18.Eric Perlmutter45:48.102nd Age

Dumont 5K:

Sep 02, 2017 · Dumont, NJ
381 Runners 
223 Men, Winning Time 00:16:04158 Women, Winning Time 00:19:37
 posted from Best
6.Danny Paolazzi18:24.602nd Age
22.Nick Paolazzi20:10.601st Age
24.Max Christensen20:22.702nd Age
85.Hugo Del Bove23:45.503rd Age
133.Susan Rosmarin26:04.301st Age
136.Stephen Karcich26:25.80
184.Glenn Jacobs28:05.90
235.Gail Warshaw30:16.102nd Age
238.Barbara Paer30:27.303rd Age
307.Antje Hennings36:33.901st Age
345.Sachiko Kawamura41:20.002nd Age

Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional Trail 7K:

Aug 27, 2017 · Palmerton, PA
118 Runners 
81 Men, Winning Time 00:31:1537 Women, Winning Time 00:37:30
7.Mark Snyder34:55.003rd Age

Ironman 70.3 Maine Triathlon:

Aug 27, 2017 · Old Orchard Beach, ME
1,717 Runners 
1,106 Men, Winning Time 04:09:26611 Women, Winning Time 04:47:27
256.Paul Capuzzo05:07:49
695.David Rosenthal05:42:05PR, PR Bike Split
1157.Stephen Jones06:19:12

SSG Quebec City 10K:

Aug 27, 2017 · Quebec City
2,180 Runners 
829 Men, Winning Time 00:31:121,351 Women, Winning Time 00:34:27
1430.Ellen George01:07:12.40
1583.Lorraine Dexter01:09:56.30
Half Marathon

SSQ Quebec City Half Marathon:

Aug 27, 2017 · Quebec City
2,915 Runners 
1,498 Men, Winning Time 01:09:071,417 Women, Winning Time 01:15:13
232.Camille Davis01:37:081st Age
985.Patricia Fitzgerald01:52:44
1149.Alexis Goebel01:54:58
1150.Miho Saito01:54:59
1221.Dominique Hamel01:55:54

USATF-NJ 5K XC Championships - Natirar Park:

Aug 27, 2017 · Natirar Park, Peapack/Gladstone
268 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
174 Men, Winning Time 00:16:0894 Women, Winning Time 00:19:09
79.James Linn20:58.941st Age
103.Gregory Menken22:21.13
104.Nora Cary22:22.541st Age
110.Fabian Vasquez22:30.64
129.Mark Washburne23:20.54
143.Stephen Rutkowski24:02.81
148.Jack Frame24:12.162nd Age
161.Nancy Gitin24:41.39
171.Debbie Brathwaite25:20.172nd Age
190.Kevin Burns26:28.94
215.Daniel Kirsch28:02.282nd Age
234.Cami Klein30:14.31
235.Mike Machuca30:43.97
268.Bill Welsh01:24:15.943rd Age

Pascack Valley Sprint Tri:

Aug 26, 2017 · Pascack Valley,N.J.
85 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:52:43Women's Winning Time 00:59:54
8.Lisa Swain01:02:562nd Women
20.Ron Bienstock01:10:131st Age
27.Eduardo Sargent01:13:492nd Age

Percy Sutton Harlem 5K:

Aug 26, 2017 · Nicholas Park, Harlem, NYC
4,819 Runners 
2,475 Men, Winning Time 00:14:582,344 Women, Winning Time 00:16:53
 posted from NYRRC
1855.Chuck Nebbia25:39.00
2412.Don W Lee27:26.00

SSG Jorge Oliveira Scholarship 5K:

Aug 26, 2017 · Kearny, NJ
146 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:18:49Women's Winning Time 00:20:08
47.Glenn Jacobs28:00.00
146.Bill Welsh01:27:38.00
Half Marathon

Strider Half Marathon - WI:

Aug 26, 2017 · Milwaukee, WI
962 Runners 
482 Men, Winning Time 01:12:25480 Women, Winning Time 01:21:40
184.Christopher Kunkel01:41:45

Dog Day 5 Mile:

Aug 20, 2017 · Harvey Cedars, NJ
870 Runners 
494 Men, Winning Time 00:25:45376 Women, Winning Time 00:30:21
 posted from CompuScore
19.Jason Heap31:56.87

Midland Avenue Mile:

Aug 20, 2017 · Montclair, NJ
491 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
277 Men, Winning Time 00:04:15214 Women, Winning Time 00:05:06
 posted from CompuScore
26.Sam Teigen04:52.642nd Age
31.Johnny DePaola04:57.84
39.Danny Paolazzi05:04.82
77.Nick Paolazzi05:35.483rd Age
82.James Linn05:38.331st Age
97.Misa Tamura05:45.821st Age
119.Fabian Vasquez06:02.55
134.Robert Hollis06:14.15
142.Ed Kavanagh06:21.02
144.Mark Washburne06:22.35
145.Gregory Menken06:23.60
159.Nora Cary06:32.041st Age
167.Aaron Kleinbaum06:38.56
173.Jack Frame06:41.982nd Age
174.Tom Anzevino06:42.53
204.Stephen Rutkowski07:02.18
206.Denise Daugert07:03.333rd Age
225.Diane Washburne07:19.90
237.Melynda Whitnall07:29.94
254.Andrew Coyle07:41.05
272.Daniel Kirsch07:52.142nd Age
274.Patricia Kose07:55.04
278.Susan Page 07:58.90
282.Cami Klein08:02.77
290.Jacqueline Reuveni08:13.82
293.Mike Machuca08:16.87
307.Joe Maranzani08:37.89
323.Patricia Kavanagh08:52.44
365.Maryann Murphy09:59.401st Age

NYRR France Run 8K:

Aug 20, 2017 · NYC, NY
4,836 Runners 
2,540 Men, Winning Time 00:24:372,286 Women, Winning Time 00:27:16
 posted from NYRRC
491.Christopher Kunkel37:08.001st Age
1328.Patricia Fitzgerald41:37.00
2026.Don W Lee44:59.00

Pequannock Duathlon:

Aug 20, 2017 · Pequannock, NJ
12 Runners 
7 Men, Winning Time 01:02:295 Women, Winning Time 01:12:23
5.Ron Bienstock01:08:301st Age

Pequannock Sprint Triathlon:

Aug 20, 2017 · Pequannock,N.J.
257 Runners 
141 Men, Winning Time 00:55:17116 Women, Winning Time 01:02:46
7.Paul Capuzzo57:531st Age
22.Lisa Swain01:04:352nd Women
24.David Rosenthal01:04:563rd Age
94.Sally Simeone01:16:063rd Age

Bradley Beach 5K:

Aug 19, 2017 · Bradley Beach, NJ
767 Runners 
409 Men, Winning Time 00:16:37358 Women, Winning Time 00:18:58
164.Dexter David25:16.40
277.Norman Chester27:54.40
418.Gail Warshaw30:42.70
616.Antje Hennings36:51.302nd Age

Al Goldstein 5k Speed Series:

Aug 16, 2017 · Brooklyn N.Y.
517 Runners 
299 Men, Winning Time 00:15:38218 Women, Winning Time 00:17:53
199.Christopher Kunkel23:17.002nd Age

Babylon Village Classic 10k Dirty Sock Run Race:

Aug 13, 2017 · Babylon,N.Y.
686 Runners 
312 Men, Winning Time 00:33:49374 Women, Winning Time 00:38:04
251.Mary Connolly56:38.20
408.Jacqueline Reuveni01:03:22.60
410.Amalie Park01:03:25.90

Asbury Park Sheehan Classic 5K:

Aug 12, 2017 · Asbury Park, NJ
1,563 Runners 
836 Men, Winning Time 00:15:24727 Women, Winning Time 00:17:54
16.Chris Andersen16:53.10
21.Huan Tran17:36.70
26.Paul Kartanowicz17:54.102nd Age
63.Misa Tamura19:28.501st Age
156.Ryan Cinelli22:10.30
200.Jack Frame22:49.002nd Age
415.Edward Lhotak25:26.30
395.Paul Doxey25:30.80
594.Norman Chester27:32.30

Captain Bill Gallagher 10 Mile Island Run:

Aug 12, 2017 · Sea Isle City, NJ
735 Runners 
467 Men, Winning Time 00:54:41268 Women, Winning Time 01:02:09
 posted from CompuScore
220.Michael Pierce01:22:49

Dover Renaissance 5K:

Aug 12, 2017 · Dover (Morris County), NJ
92 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
56 Men, Winning Time 00:17:4736 Women, Winning Time 00:21:06
 posted from CompuScore
85.Jane Van Eeuwen45:37.573rd Age
92.Bill Welsh01:13:30.772nd Age

NYCRUNS Governors Island 10K:

Aug 12, 2017 · Governors Island, NYC
516 Runners 
246 Men, Winning Time 00:37:27270 Women, Winning Time 00:45:13
15.Matt Hanley42:11.00

Three Bridges 5 Mile:

Aug 12, 2017 · Three Bridges, NJ
104 Runners 
66 Men, Winning Time 00:30:0638 Women, Winning Time 00:31:38
 posted from Best
9.Jason Heap33:17.102nd Age
18.Fabian Vasquez35:32.10
26.Eric Perlmutter36:46.70
33.Mark McKnight37:39.70

Lighthouse 5K:

Aug 09, 2017 · Brindley Beach, N.C.
392 Runners 
186 Men, Winning Time 00:16:43206 Women, Winning Time 00:20:46
2.Sam Teigen17:09.002nd Overall

Duathlon For Autism:

Aug 06, 2017 · Belmar, NJ
94 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:55:55Women's Winning Time 01:06:24
28.Fabian Vasquez01:12:18
72.Gail Warshaw01:31:481st Age
89.Antje Hennings01:42:571st Age

Flat Rock Brook 5K Run In The Wild:

Aug 06, 2017 · Englewood, NJ
107 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:19:13Women's Winning Time 00:24:51
20.Wendy M. Kerr25:03.003rd fem. over.

Massapequa Park Masters Men's Mile:

Aug 06, 2017 · Massapequa, NJ
58 Runners 
58 Men, Winning Time 00:04:50
3.John Hogan05:04.003rd Overall

Race The Train 8.4 Mile:

Aug 05, 2017 · North Creek,N.Y.
210 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:46:27Women's Winning Time 01:00:56
72.Christopher Kunkel01:09:303rd Age

Team Bloke 5K for Brain Cancer Awareness:

Aug 05, 2017 · Mendham, N.J.
185 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
108 Men, Winning Time 00:16:3477 Women, Winning Time 00:18:55
 posted from CompuScore
34.Mark Washburne22:34.512nd Age
40.Jack Frame23:35.641st Age
71.Diane Washburne25:38.511st Age
83.Susan Page 26:44.19
84.Laurie DeChiaro26:44.34
132.Dario Mirski31:10.89

Morris County Striders Summer Series XC 5K:

Aug 01, 2017 · Boonton, NJ
101 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
66 Men, Winning Time 00:16:2135 Women, Winning Time 00:22:12
 posted from CompuScore
42.Nancy Gitin23:58.251st Age
46.Debbie Brathwaite24:34.531st Age
63.Daniel Kirsch27:54.391st Age

Boston Triathlon - Olympic Distance:

Jul 30, 2017 · Boston, MA
574 Runners 
393 Men, Winning Time 01:44:05181 Women, Winning Time 01:57:09
227.Matt Hanley02:31:02

Interclub Challenge - Garrett Mountain:

Jul 30, 2017 · Woodland Park, NJ
95 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:23:08Women's Winning Time 00:26:27
28.Danny Paolazzi25:09.00
21.Peter Cullen27:26.00
3.Misa Tamura27:29.003rd Overall
34.Mark Snyder27:39.00
6.James Linn28:10.00
40.Max Christensen28:26.00
15.Carol Keegan28:48.00
29.Charles Davis29:04.00
23.Susan Murphy-Tesoriero29:56.00
1.Lisa Swain30:27.001st Overall
24.Christopher Kunkel30:49.00
19.Peter Molyneux31:00.00
18.Wendy M. Kerr31:08.00
7.Jack Frame31:43.00
33.Tom McCarthy32:07.00
89.Joel Pasternack32:10.00
95.Jennifer Romanoff32:50.00
8.Gloria Huberman33:18.00
44.Ron Bienstock33:31.00
39.Stephen Rutkowski33:47.00
36.Hugo Del Bove33:51.00
12.Debbie Brathwaite33:57.00
43.Kevin Burns34:34.00
20.Cami Klein38:00.00
70.Melynda Whitnall38:05.00
74.Andrew B. Paer39:57.00
66.Jerald Schragen41:14.00
45.Mike Machuca41:54.00
60.Barbara Paer42:45.00
9.Maryann Murphy43:55.00
87.Jeffrey Whittaker44:14.00
78.Brenda Olesin44:15.00

Running With The Balloons 5K:

Jul 30, 2017 · Soleberg Airport , Readington NJ
320 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
219 Men, Winning Time 00:16:18301 Women, Winning Time 00:18:38
 posted from CompuScore
15.Jason Heap19:30.532nd Age
62.Nancy Gitin23:30.341st Age

Pass It Along Olympic Triathlon:

Jul 29, 2017 · Sparta, NJ
102 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 02:05:48Women's Winning Time 02:22:21
 posted from CompuScore
85.Sally Simeone03:12:103rd Age

Blessing Of The Fleet 10 Mile:

Jul 28, 2017 · Narragansett, RI
Men's Winning Time 00:53:48Women's Winning Time 01:01:07
1023.Elizabeth Reeves01:32:41

NYRR R-U-N 5K - Central Park:

Jul 27, 2017 · NYC, NY
4,839 Runners 
2,343 Men, Winning Time 00:15:392,496 Women, Winning Time 00:16:42
 posted from NYRRC
617.Christopher Kunkel22:33.001st Age
803.Donna Downing23:04.00
1800.Greg Van Nest26:03.00
2010.Patricia Fitzgerald26:36.00
2882.Chuck Nebbia29:15.00

Downtown Westfield 5K:

Jul 26, 2017 · Elm & Quimby Streets, Westfield, NJ
2,258 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
1,169 Men, Winning Time 00:15:331,089 Women, Winning Time 00:18:25
 posted from CompuScore
277.Bob Roemer23:12.761st Age
372.Debbie Brathwaite24:20.891st Age
536.Dexter David25:36.09
665.Michele Becker26:52.36
862.Katie Maher28:13.03
954.Glenn Jacobs29:08.64
2133.Jane Van Eeuwen48:19.393rd Age
2258.Bill Welsh01:14:19.42

Ironman Lake Placid:

Jul 23, 2017 · Lake Placid N.Y.
2,194 Runners 
1,573 Men, Winning Time 08:13:53621 Women, Winning Time 09:46:00
300.Richard Rubino11:26:34

Packanack Day 5K:

Jul 22, 2017 · Wayne, NJ
200 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:17:33Women's Winning Time 00:23:48
6.Mark Snyder20:35.002nd Age
28.Jack Frame23:30.001st Age
198.Jane Van Eeuwen52:43.002nd Age
200.Bill Welsh01:22:45.003rd Age

Run/Walk for Children, Rockland County 5K:

Jul 22, 2017 · Suffern, NY
74 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:18:14Women's Winning Time 00:23:30
29.Glenn Jacobs29:02.20

Morris County Striders Summer Series XC 5K:

Jul 19, 2017 · Boonton, NJ
106 Runners 
69 Men, Winning Time 00:16:4737 Women, Winning Time 00:20:06
 posted from CompuScore
22.Allison Lounsbury21:39.082nd Women
30.Derek Lounsbury22:17.19
35.Nora Cary23:05.651st Age
41.Nancy Gitin24:10.241st Age
56.Debbie Brathwaite26:03.581st Age
62.Daniel Kirsch27:49.761st Age

NYRR R-U-N Brooklyn 5K:

Jul 17, 2017 · New York, NY
4,687 Runners 
2,250 Men, Winning Time 00:15:572,437 Women, Winning Time 00:17:54
 posted from NYRRC
553.Christopher Kunkel23:00.00

Rock 'n' Roll Chicago 10K:

Jul 16, 2017 · Chicago, IL
2,206 Runners 
684 Men, Winning Time 00:34:491,522 Women, Winning Time 00:38:26
293.Mary Connolly57:59.00

Famous Racings Sausages 5K:

Jul 15, 2017 · Milwaukee, WI
2,383 Runners 
999 Men, Winning Time 00:15:361,384 Women, Winning Time 00:19:07
534.Gail Warshaw30:21.27
853.Antje Hennings35:21.622nd Age

Lovell Old Home Days 5K:

Jul 15, 2017 · Lovell,Maine
105 Runners 
54 Men, Winning Time 00:15:4951 Women, Winning Time 00:19:45
38.Andrew Coyle25:40.001st age

Rock 'n' Roll Chicago 5K:

Jul 15, 2017 · Chicago, IL
2,939 Runners 
1,086 Men, Winning Time 00:16:511,853 Women, Winning Time 00:18:33
587.Mary Connolly28:15.00

Teterboro Airport 5K:

Jul 15, 2017 · Teterboro, NJ
461 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
287 Men, Winning Time 00:17:10174 Women, Winning Time 00:20:30
 posted from CompuScore
15.Jason Heap19:20.461st Age
28.Max Christensen20:09.73
29.David Robinson20:19.35
39.Ed Kavanagh20:51.912nd Age
42.Bruce Bieber20:59.80
47.Gregory Menken21:15.211st Age
56.Christopher Kunkel21:41.102nd Age
59.Eric Perlmutter21:48.55
68.Wendy M. Kerr22:17.642nd Age
75.Jack Frame22:49.251st Age
77.Bob Roemer22:53.382nd Age
79.Esther Rubinstein22:58.771st Age
81.Stephen Rutkowski23:03.22
92.Nancy Gitin23:18.292nd Age
93.Hugo Del Bove23:24.443rd Age
121.Michael A. Tenentes24:29.91
132.Christopher Jentile24:39.33
130.Kevin Burns24:45.00
134.Dexter David24:48.12
159.Mike Becker25:28.90
157.Sandra Galindo25:38.64
176.Melynda Whitnall26:01.14
170.Jerald Schragen26:05.79
193.Michele Becker26:42.48
202.Patricia Kose27:13.331st Age
212.Norman Chester27:34.29
220.Mike Machuca27:53.482nd Age
232.Cami Klein28:02.162nd Age
246.Jacqueline Reuveni29:00.71
369.Linda Lyons35:37.30
434.Vivian Chester48:20.863rd Age

Party With Purpose Hoboken 5K:

Jul 11, 2017 · Hoboken, NJ
1,048 Runners 
450 Men, Winning Time 00:15:57598 Women, Winning Time 00:17:32
 posted from CompuScore
26.Matt Hanley19:12.36
237.Debbie Brathwaite25:42.791st Age

Boilermaker 15K:

Jul 09, 2017 · Utica, NY
11,711 Runners 
6,246 Men, Winning Time 00:43:555,465 Women, Winning Time 00:49:18
1729.Christopher Kunkel01:14:32

Vincentown Duathlon:

Jul 09, 2017 · Vincentown, NJ
58 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:07:45Women's Winning Time 01:21:34
50.Gail Warshaw01:57:471st Age
56.Antje Hennings02:08:221st Age

Belmar 5M:

Jul 08, 2017 · Belmar, NJ
2,316 Runners 
1,175 Men, Winning Time 00:24:451,139 Women, Winning Time 00:29:06
327.Craig Cinelli38:59.10
330.Jack Frame39:26.201st Age
569.Kelly Cinelli42:31.40
650.Edward Lhotak43:35.20
701.Kurt Helstrom44:07.60

NYRR 1 For You 1 For Youth 4 Mile:

Jul 08, 2017 · New York, NY
 posted from NYRRC
448.Chuck Nebbia33:08.00
774.Don W Lee36:39.00
1246.Barbara Paer41:17.00

Women's Distance Festival 5K:

Jul 08, 2017 · Congers, NY
716 Runners 
716 Women, Winning Time 00:17:21
97.Debbie Brathwaite25:13.00
123.Veronica Rojas Tepper26:10.00
219.Linda Ferraro29:19.00

Morris County Striders Summer Series XC 5K:

Jul 06, 2017 · Boonton, NJ
98 Runners 
65 Men, Winning Time 00:17:3033 Women, Winning Time 00:21:00
 posted from CompuScore
23.Nora Cary22:14.422nd Women
37.Nancy Gitin24:18.861st Age
52.Debbie Brathwaite26:37.821st Age
59.Daniel Kirsch27:48.301st Age

Al Goldstein 5k Speed Series:

Jul 05, 2017 · Brooklyn N.Y.
373 Runners 
227 Men, Winning Time 00:16:47146 Women, Winning Time 00:18:45
 posted from NYRRC
115.Christopher Kunkel22:42.003rd Age

9.11 Tribute 5K:

Jul 04, 2017 · Glen Rock, NJ
484 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:16:20Women's Winning Time 00:19:57
5.Sam Teigen17:31.221st Age
15.Samuel Bouveron19:00.162nd Age
18.David Yoo19:20.153rd Age
38.Mark Snyder20:27.50
43.Robert Hollis21:22.672nd Age
44.Bruce Bieber21:23.772nd Age
45.Lisa Swain21:25.711st Age
47.Joe Maranzani21:28.73
68.Wendy M. Kerr22:27.143rd Age
83.Timothy P Berry22:59.44
85.Ron Bienstock23:05.972nd Age
86.Tom Anzevino23:08.033rd Age
94.Erika Campbell23:30.891st Age
96.Esther Rubinstein23:35.472nd Age
108.Nancy Gitin24:13.992nd Age
143.Christopher Jentile25:10.52
182.Hugo Del Bove26:04.461st Age
187.Veronica Rojas Tepper26:10.86
188.Maria Scibetta26:14.44
214.Stephen Karcich26:37.40
224.Melynda Whitnall26:47.00
233.Andrew B. Paer27:07.07
248.Amalie Park27:43.00
250.Martin Hayes27:46.22
260.Jerald Schragen27:58.941st Age
277.Peter Muccio28:30.66
278.Cami Klein28:31.142nd Age
305.Stuart E. Shilitz29:16.03
321.Linda Ferraro29:38.753rd Age
327.Charles Reilly29:48.092nd Age
365.Barbara Paer31:21.48
388.Robert Zettel32:45.893rd Age
437.Romy Vreeland35:57.39

Firecracker 4 - Saratoga Springs:

Jul 04, 2017 · Saratoga Springs,N.Y.
2,950 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:19:13Women's Winning Time 00:22:04
107.Jason Heap25:10.00
341.Christopher Kunkel29:23.00

Firecracker 4 Mile - Cranford:

Jul 04, 2017 · Cranford, NJ
1,145 Runners 
625 Men, Winning Time 00:21:23520 Women, Winning Time 00:25:38
111.Mark Washburne28:32.201st Age
170.Jack Frame30:18.602nd Age
278.Diane Washburne32:37.70
309.Debbie Brathwaite33:28.302nd Age

Firecracker 5K - Milltown:

Jul 04, 2017 · Milltown, NJ
533 Runners 
299 Men, Winning Time 00:16:12234 Women, Winning Time 00:19:54
 posted from Best
141.Taryn Wennersten25:11.60

Leonia Firecracker 5K:

Jul 04, 2017 · Leonia, NJ
63 Runners 
39 Men, Winning Time 00:18:3324 Women, Winning Time 00:23:35
22.Glenn Jacobs28:08.603rd Age
32.Gail Warshaw30:31.101st Age
55.Antje Hennings35:53.701st Age
62.Howard Silver49:39.603rd Age
63.Jennifer Romanoff51:26.50

Sunset Classic 5M:

Jun 29, 2017 · Bloomfield, NJ
478 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
301 Men, Winning Time 00:26:11177 Women, Winning Time 00:32:13
 posted from CompuScore
10.Paul Kartanowicz29:56.841st Age
11.John Hogan29:57.811st Age
18.Harold E. Porcher31:29.822nd Age
45.Carol Keegan34:55.562nd Age
67.Susan Murphy-Tesoriero36:28.583rd Age
74.Mark McKnight37:09.71
88.Eric Perlmutter37:52.53
91.Mark Washburne37:55.513rd Age
96.Christopher Kunkel38:10.35
106.Gloria Huberman38:51.782nd Age
118.Esther Rubinstein39:32.823rd Age
128.Bob Roemer40:00.122nd Age
139.Tara Rutkowski40:23.46
147.Denise Daugert41:19.78
149.Kevin Burns41:26.01
150.Stephen Rutkowski41:30.47
152.Aaron Kleinbaum41:36.72
202.Debbie Brathwaite44:01.42
262.Daniel Kirsch47:07.99
274.Cami Klein47:44.73
313.Patricia Demmie50:20.88
339.Mike Machuca52:35.882nd Age
367.Maryann Murphy54:50.091st Age
477.Jane Van Eeuwen01:52:52.122nd Age
478.Bill Welsh02:21:59.522nd Age

Achilles Hope & Possibility 5M:

Jun 25, 2017 · Central Park NYC
5,593 Runners 
2,901 Men, Winning Time 00:19:172,692 Women, Winning Time 00:21:48
 posted from NYRRC
718.Timothy P Berry31:01.00
2158.Patricia Zang36:32.00
2449.Don W Lee37:34.00
4080.Andrew Sommerfeld44:30.00
Half Marathon

Fairfield Half Marathon:

Jun 25, 2017 · Fairfield Ct.
2,323 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:07:15Women's Winning Time 01:20:10
1201.Patricia Kutner Fiume02:09:092nd Age
1781.Andrew B. Paer02:25:42
2044.Barbara Paer02:36:23

Fitzgerald's 1928 Lager 1 Mile:

Jun 25, 2017 · Glen Ridge, NJ
94 Runners 
47 Men, Winning Time 00:05:1447 Women, Winning Time 00:05:46
 posted from CompuScore
2.Camryn Wennersten05:46.032nd Overall
5.Wanda Wang06:40.432nd Women
6.Peyton Wennersten06:46.443rd Women
9.Jack Frame07:09.16

Fitzgerald's 1928 Lager Run 5K:

Jun 25, 2017 · Glen Ridge, NJ
1,160 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
641 Men, Winning Time 00:14:27519 Women, Winning Time 00:16:24
 posted from CompuScore
7.John Meyer15:38.14
19.Sam Teigen16:33.331st Age - PR
41.John Hogan17:28.582nd Age
40.Paul Kartanowicz17:28.73
46.Huan Tran17:43.49
48.Chris Peterson17:47.59
67.Matt Hanley18:18.98
82.Harold E. Porcher18:43.43
100.Johnny DePaola19:10.18
121.Nick Paolazzi19:34.45
134.Peter Cullen19:47.48
149.David Robinson20:08.60
201.Robert Hollis21:20.08
216.Fabian Vasquez21:30.00
211.Nora Cary21:30.611st Age
229.Mark McKnight21:46.77
231.Bruce Bieber21:47.05
245.Mark Washburne21:59.20
252.Alexis Goebel22:05.71
292.Wanda Wang22:52.83
296.Gloria Huberman22:55.401st Age
297.Christopher Kunkel23:00.36
310.Ryan Cinelli23:11.38
322.Jack Frame23:31.511st Age
323.Aaron Kleinbaum23:33.55
327.Esther Rubinstein23:35.572nd Age
336.Bob Roemer23:49.652nd Age
347.Taryn Wennersten23:55.87
349.Stephen Rutkowski23:58.39
351.Wendy Bost24:02.06
355.Tara Rutkowski24:04.90
373.Kevin Burns24:20.70
399.Hugo Del Bove24:39.77
475.Stephen Karcich25:48.69
496.Andrew Coyle26:02.00
498.Debbie Brathwaite26:05.19
535.Beth Rissmeyer26:27.42
513.Paul Doxey26:28.36
526.Mike Becker26:32.79
555.Michele Becker26:36.27
548.Daniel Kirsch26:48.93
565.Melynda Whitnall26:52.30
592.Mary Connolly27:22.05
585.Mike Machuca27:35.633rd Age
626.Ben Nathanson27:57.72
624.Linda Ferraro28:17.30
653.Amalie Park28:22.67
655.Cami Klein28:39.00
685.Katie Maher28:47.35
674.Martin Hayes28:51.45
712.Jacqueline Reuveni29:30.05
788.Lisa Glatzer30:35.98
778.Gail Warshaw30:42.71
857.Lorraine Dexter32:54.01
863.Patricia Demmie32:58.59
870.Teri Trivigno33:10.54
884.Maryann Murphy33:28.001st age
991.Antje Hennings36:37.972nd Age
1024.Romy Vreeland37:33.21
1053.Steven Simon39:24.25
1103.Connie Roberts44:04.59
1140.Jane Van Eeuwen55:29.49
1159.Bill Welsh01:16:31.643rd Age

Join Hands 5K:

Jun 25, 2017 · Ridgefield Park, NJ
185 Runners 
87 Men, Winning Time 00:19:0898 Women, Winning Time 00:21:01
 posted from Best
7.Fabian Vasquez21:14.201st Age
180.Howard Silver51:07.801st Age

Bergen County Irish Festival 5K:

Jun 24, 2017 · Ridgefield Park, NJ
83 Runners 
83 Men, Winning Time 00:17:47Women's Winning Time 00:23:24
18.Sandra Galindo24:54.681st Age
34.Charles Reilly28:41.592nd Age

FRNY Lesbian and Gay Pride Run 5M:

Jun 24, 2017 · Central Park NYC
3,650 Runners 
1,874 Men, Winning Time 00:25:431,776 Women, Winning Time 00:28:19
 posted from NYRRC
1549.Alexis Goebel45:58.00
1550.Miho Saito45:58.00
1884.Patricia Kutner Fiume48:06.003rd Age
1947.Chuck Nebbia48:30.00
2206.Michele Damiano50:24.00
2317.Linda Ferraro51:26.00
2458.Gail Warshaw52:42.00
2589.Lynn Dragovich53:45.00
2786.Barbara Paer55:46.00
2982.Andrew Sommerfeld58:02.00
3298.Pamela McGowan01:03:43.00
3310.Antje Hennings01:03:48.002nd Age

Solstice Run 14K:

Jun 21, 2017 · New Paltz, NY
263 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:50:26Women's Winning Time 00:58:44
18.Matt Hanley01:00:443rd Age

Morris County Striders Summer Series XC 5K:

Jun 20, 2017 · Boonton, NJ
84 Runners 
49 Men, Winning Time 00:17:4135 Women, Winning Time 00:19:35
 posted from CompuScore
9.Allison Lounsbury19:44.272nd Women
14.Derek Lounsbury21:01.981st Age
30.Nancy Gitin23:24.301st Age
45.Debbie Brathwaite26:26.131st Age
48.Daniel Kirsch26:59.801st Age

President's Cup Nite Race 5K:

Jun 19, 2017 · Millburn, NJ
649 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
421 Men, Winning Time 00:15:16228 Women, Winning Time 00:18:12
 posted from CompuScore
8.Sam Teigen17:02.651st Age
17.Paul Kartanowicz17:48.28
20.Huan Tran17:55.94
24.Matt Hanley18:07.23
80.James Linn20:55.232nd Age
97.Fabian Vasquez21:30.88
112.Mark Washburne22:12.18
120.Nora Cary22:33.641st Age
140.Gloria Huberman23:17.361st Age
188.Gordon Pitt24:29.24
212.Wendy Bost25:00.25
323.Michele Becker27:13.57
403.Jo Ann Brown28:47.97
401.Cami Klein29:06.88
1018.Maryann Murphy31:57.002nd age
607.Romy Vreeland38:03.61

Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon:

Jun 18, 2017 · Seattle, WA USA
2,450 Runners 
1,407 Men, Winning Time 02:38:551,043 Women, Winning Time 02:45:36
411.John Foster03:50:50

Westwood Dad's Dash 5K:

Jun 18, 2017 · Westwood, NJ
333 Runners 
214 Men, Winning Time 00:16:57119 Women, Winning Time 00:20:58
 posted from CompuScore
6.Danny Paolazzi18:19.302nd Age
16.Nick Paolazzi20:13.631st Age
114.Stephen Karcich26:44.62
115.Laura Burnham26:44.841st Age
133.Patricia Kose28:24.672nd Age
138.Bernard Ward28:33.921st Age
150.Daniel Hogan29:03.39
154.Patricia Kutner Fiume29:16.063rd Age
159.Peter Muccio29:33.33
172.Tyler Hogan30:39.01
193.Gail Warshaw32:03.07
198.Barbara Paer32:29.60
247.Shea Kavanagh36:32.87
262.Antje Hennings37:48.711st Age
269.Christine Priddy38:29.02
280.Betsy Van Ost39:03.34
283.Lorraine Dexter39:25.22
288.Maureen Howlin39:49.01
326.Howard Silver51:34.252nd Age

New Milford Mile:

Jun 17, 2017 · New Milford, NJ
18 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
9 Men, Winning Time 00:04:379 Women, Winning Time 00:06:09
 posted from CompuScore
1.John Meyer04:37.611st Overall
4.James Linn05:54.541st Age
8.Wanda Wang06:38.642nd Women
12.Amalie Park08:05.863rd Age

New Milford Volunteer Fire Dept. 5K:

Jun 17, 2017 · New Milford N.J.
631 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
308 Men, Winning Time 00:15:24323 Women, Winning Time 00:18:01
 posted from CompuScore
4.Chris Andersen17:23.361st Age
7.John Hogan17:43.211st Age
10.Danny Paolazzi18:01.74
21.Samuel Bouveron18:57.041st Age
24.Misa Tamura19:07.991st Age
38.Kevin McAree20:09.04
41.James Linn20:15.093rd Age
43.Carol Keegan20:15.75
55.Nora Cary20:42.101st Age
66.John Olesin20:51.30
72.Joe Maranzani21:10.00
70.Fabian Vasquez21:14.98
77.Ed Kavanagh21:27.39
79.Mark McKnight21:28.31
86.Bruce Bieber21:50.26
90.Mark Washburne21:59.13
105.Timothy P Berry22:27.95
110.Christopher Kunkel22:46.59
113.Jack Frame22:55.851st Age
133.Stephen Rutkowski23:21.62
132.Bob Roemer23:28.612nd Age
127.Wanda Wang23:29.00
146.John Brady23:38.28
159.Esther Rubinstein24:13.713rd Age
164.Diane Washburne24:24.68
170.Kevin Burns24:32.003rd Age
176.Wendy Bost24:37.75
180.Hugo Del Bove24:54.85
195.Christopher Jentile25:09.16
211.Dexter David25:26.43
203.Susan Page 25:34.79
224.Svetla Sands25:39.42
213.Paul Doxey25:45.21
216.Laura Burnham25:48.44
223.Thomas Hoffmann25:55.10
221.Susan Rosmarin25:55.62
246.Debbie Brathwaite26:23.42
245.Daniel Kirsch26:33.71
264.Karen Keaney26:40.30
274.Patricia Kose26:58.38
269.Sandra Galindo27:06.45
273.Patricia Kutner Fiume27:10.56
288.Jerald Schragen27:20.41
282.Mike Machuca27:26.442nd Age
296.Melynda Whitnall27:26.70
299.Cami Klein27:54.14
309.Katie Maher28:08.13
307.Patricia Demmie28:17.48
346.Patricia Kavanagh29:10.56
344.Amalie Park29:13.97
345.Jacqueline Reuveni29:16.28
357.Gail Warshaw29:34.68
387.Peter Torpie30:44.60
410.Teri Trivigno31:33.51
412.Brenda Olesin31:45.26
418.Karen Dwyer31:53.55
420.Robert Zettel32:12.66
435.Jeffrey Whittaker32:27.87
436.Mara Apodaca 32:57.62
437.Vicky Marsch33:03.79
452.Maryann Murphy33:24.002nd age
489.Narendra Pondugula35:14.57
503.Antje Hennings36:39.071st Age
499.Alexandra Bru36:41.77
519.Norman biener37:33.43
535.Tracy Broderick39:05.03
537.Barbara Comly39:40.18
555.Sachiko Kawamura41:26.37
577.Sabino Rodano47:03.97
578.Tammy Shaw Rodano47:04.07
586.Howard Silver49:37.65
590.Jennifer Romanoff50:16.38

NYRR Queens 10K:

Jun 17, 2017 · Queens, NYC
10,876 Runners 
5,779 Men, Winning Time 00:30:255,097 Women, Winning Time 00:34:13
 posted from NYRRC
1031.David Robinson44:42.00
1533.Mark Snyder46:44.00
1727.Alexis Goebel47:24.00
1772.Ryan Cinelli47:33.00
1880.Miho Saito47:53.00PR
1968.Donna Downing48:13.00
2696.Dominique Hamel50:13.00
3139.Elizabeth Reeves51:28.00
3228.Nancy Gitin51:41.00
5046.Sophia (Ye) Chen56:13.00
5369.Michele Damiano56:55.00
7207.Andrew B. Paer01:02:10.00
7268.Linda Ferraro01:02:20.00
7307.Monica Danna01:02:28.00
7400.Kathleen Koukeas01:02:51.00
7519.Lynn Dragovich01:03:13.00
8117.Fran Ruff01:05:35.00
8724.Barbara Paer01:08:14.00
8762.Jerri Baccus Glover01:08:21.00
8925.Andrew Sommerfeld01:09:14.00
9262.George Gross01:11:21.00
9296.Ellen George01:11:34.00
9353.Lorraine Dexter01:11:52.00
9831.Betsy Van Ost01:15:54.00
10275.Pamela McGowan01:20:49.00
10732.Janine Hunter01:33:49.00

Ogdensburg 5K:

Jun 17, 2017 · Ogdensburg, NJ
200 Runners 
89 Men, Winning Time 00:16:19111 Women, Winning Time 00:22:12
 posted from Best
190.Jane Van Eeuwen52:01.403rd Age

Shelter Island 10K:

Jun 17, 2017 · Shelter Island, NY
956 Runners 
533 Men, Winning Time 00:29:28423 Women, Winning Time 00:32:06
456.Mary Connolly56:12.90

Wyckoff/Franklin Lakes Triathlon:

Jun 17, 2017 · Franklin Lakes, NJ
468 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:31:26Women's Winning Time 01:42:47
 posted from CompuScore
13.Paul Capuzzo01:38:28
20.Richard Rubino01:40:49
60.Lisa Swain01:50:561st Age
63.Matt Hanley01:51:20
90.David Rosenthal01:53:50
158.Barbara Christianson02:00:212nd Age
198.Ron Bienstock02:03:30
217.Janna Danbe02:05:39
350.Steve Lee02:20:48
382.Ottilia Stura02:26:38

Asher Strobel Memorial 5K:

Jun 11, 2017 · Englewood, NJ
71 Runners 
54 Men, Winning Time 00:18:1417 Women, Winning Time 00:23:45
 posted from CompuScore
38.Gabrielle J. Mulderrig31:18.173rd Age

Battle Of The Sexes 5K:

Jun 11, 2017 · Fair Lawn, NJ
79 Runners 
37 Men, Winning Time 00:18:3742 Women, Winning Time 00:20:09
 posted from CompuScore
10.Mark Snyder21:03.11
15.Lisa Swain22:23.892nd Women
23.Gloria Huberman23:48.502nd Age
31.Ron Bienstock25:26.012nd Age
43.Beth Rissmeyer27:27.253rd Age
45.Amalie Park27:38.73
47.Michele Becker28:09.28
48.Hugo Del Bove28:10.953rd Age
50.Bernard Ward29:16.021st Age
56.Cami Klein29:59.541st Age

Pequannock Rotary Day 5K:

Jun 11, 2017 · Pequannock, NJ
175 Runners 
89 Men, Winning Time 00:15:4386 Women, Winning Time 00:19:48
2.Paul Capuzzo18:23.612nd Overall
31.Jack Frame23:05.001st Age
42.Nancy Gitin24:14.301st Age

Roxbury Community Benefit 5K:

Jun 11, 2017 · Succasunna, NJ
508 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
247 Men, Winning Time 00:15:46261 Women, Winning Time 00:20:24
 posted from CompuScore
40.Mark McKnight22:10.09

Woodcliff Lake Run for Education 10K:

Jun 11, 2017 · Woodcliff Lake, NJ
201 Runners 
114 Men, Winning Time 00:36:0687 Women, Winning Time 00:42:49
 posted from CompuScore
2.John Hogan38:13.082nd Overall
8.Misa Tamura42:49.191st Women
16.Fabian Vasquez48:04.381st Age
28.Mark Washburne49:52.701st Age
76.Stephen Rutkowski56:47.692nd Age
77.Stephen Falanga56:49.72
79.Laura Burnham57:08.381st Age
117.Stephen Karcich01:01:48.14
121.Patricia Kutner Fiume01:03:00.762nd Age
134.Andrew B. Paer01:04:03.37
171.Barbara Paer01:12:46.95
198.Alexandra Bru01:30:20.001st Age

Woodcliff Lake Run for Education 5K:

Jun 11, 2017 · Woodcliff Lake, NJ
374 Runners 
191 Men, Winning Time 00:16:56183 Women, Winning Time 00:20:13
 posted from CompuScore
16.Fabian Vasquez22:06.05
31.Bob Roemer24:34.711st Age
88.Glenn Jacobs29:06.361st Age
137.Mike Machuca31:45.771st Age
327.Howard Silver50:06.742nd Age

Daffodil Dash 5K:

Jun 10, 2017 · Halfmoon N.Y.
167 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:18:50Women's Winning Time 00:21:45
22.Wanda Wang24:16.002nd fem over,1st age

Florham Park Jaycees 5K:

Jun 10, 2017 · Florham Park, NJ
1,485 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:17:48Women's Winning Time 00:21:14
27.Hugo Del Bove23:52.003rd Age
85.Patricia Demmie29:05.002nd age

NYRR NY Mini 10K (Women only):

Jun 10, 2017 · Central Park New York, NY
8,481 Runners 
8,481 Women, Winning Time 00:31:20
 posted from NYRRC
249.Donna Downing47:07.00
555.Kathleen Lamerton50:08.00
557.Erika Campbell50:09.001st Age
866.Nancy Gitin52:12.00
1952.Patricia Fitzgerald57:11.00
2376.Megan Kilzy58:46.00
2842.Patricia Kutner Fiume01:00:13.00
4609.Michele Damiano01:06:04.00
4612.Helen Damiano01:06:05.00
5159.Barbara Paer01:08:15.00
5190.Michelle Christensen01:08:23.00
5579.Jerri Baccus Glover01:09:59.00
6354.Brenda Olesin01:14:04.00
8150.Janine Hunter01:34:44.00

Valerie Fund 5K:

Jun 10, 2017 · Verona, NJ
576 Runners 
280 Men, Winning Time 00:17:35296 Women, Winning Time 00:21:03
 posted from Best
12.Peter Cullen20:16.801st Age

Wiggle, Jiggle & Giggle Clothing Optional 5K:

Jun 10, 2017 · Palmerton, PA
130 Runners 
94 Men, Winning Time 00:20:0836 Women, Winning Time 00:24:37
5.Mark Snyder21:37.003rd Age

Al Goldstein 5k Speed Series:

Jun 07, 2017 · Brooklyn N.Y.
587 Runners 
332 Men, Winning Time 00:16:09255 Women, Winning Time 00:18:55
189.Christopher Kunkel22:44.002nd Age

Casper Wyoming Marathon:

Jun 04, 2017 · Casper, WY
108 Runners 
69 Men, Winning Time 02:56:1637 Women, Winning Time 03:43:27
46.Robert Hollis04:34:06

George Washington Bridge Challenge 10K:

Jun 04, 2017 · Fort Lee, NJ
451 Runners 
179 Men, Winning Time 00:37:00272 Women, Winning Time 00:42:16
6.Kevin McAree41:13.401st Age
20.John McCormack44:57.102nd Age
39.Nancy Gitin48:15.101st Age
91.Beth Rissmeyer53:32.702nd Age
101.Patricia Kutner Fiume54:29.402nd Age
116.Maria Scibetta55:19.203rd Age

George Washington Bridge Challenge 5K:

Jun 04, 2017 · Fort Lee, NJ
888 Runners 
300 Men, Winning Time 00:18:12588 Women, Winning Time 00:17:53
49.Susan Rosmarin25:23.001st age

Matt Fenton Memorial 5K:

Jun 04, 2017 · Little Ferry, NJ
435 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
223 Men, Winning Time 00:16:29212 Women, Winning Time 00:19:06
 posted from CompuScore
52.Hugo Del Bove23:43.751st Age
97.Patricia Kose27:02.441st Age
121.Cami Klein28:01.252nd Age
123.Patricia Demmie28:08.343rd Age
226.Lori Schmarak36:10.02

Montclair 10K:

Jun 04, 2017 · Montclair, NJ
454 Runners 
227 Men, Winning Time 00:34:44227 Women, Winning Time 00:42:17
 posted from CompuScore
5.Matt Hanley38:57.282nd Age
18.Peter Cullen41:54.54
181.Janine Koller55:32.58

Newport 10 Mile - RI:

Jun 04, 2017 · Newport, RI
2,764 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:00:42Women's Winning Time 01:04:12
1923.Andrew B. Paer01:49:03
2158.Barbara Paer01:54:23
2256.Elizabeth Reeves01:57:38
2425.Kathleen Koukeas02:04:26
2425.Fran Ruff02:04:26
2440.Lorraine Dexter02:04:57
2442.Ellen George02:04:57
2598.Betsy Van Ost02:13:22

NYRR Retro 5- Mile:

Jun 04, 2017 · NYC, NY
7,625 Runners 
3,979 Men, Winning Time 00:24:273,646 Women, Winning Time 00:29:15
 posted from NYRRC
316.Mark Snyder34:29.00
861.Christopher Kunkel37:35.00
1694.Miho Saito40:32.00
2631.Patricia Fitzgerald43:29.00
2896.Chuck Nebbia44:14.00
3575.Don W Lee46:14.00
4046.Megan Kilzy47:35.00
4404.Linda Ferraro48:37.00
4426.George Ivaldi48:40.00
7347.Catherine Arriola01:08:37.00

PG Chambers 5K:

Jun 04, 2017 · Morristown, NJ
179 Runners 
87 Men, Winning Time 00:19:4592 Women, Winning Time 00:21:49
 posted from CompuScore
10.Mark Washburne22:26.971st Age

Tenafly 5K:

Jun 04, 2017 · Tenafly , NJ
979 Runners 
533 Men, Winning Time 00:16:13446 Women, Winning Time 00:18:11
 posted from CompuScore
38.Fabian Vasquez21:39.48
59.Bruce Bieber22:42.39
67.Jack Frame23:24.751st Age
101.Bob Roemer24:32.992nd Age
137.Thomas Hoffmann25:55.58
273.Glenn Jacobs28:46.413rd Age
344.Gail Warshaw30:50.091st Age
603.Antje Hennings37:16.802nd Age
685.Alexandra Bru40:25.482nd Age
757.Sachiko Kawamura43:50.653rd Age

Pawling Triathlon:

Jun 03, 2017 · Pawling,Dutchess Cty N.Y.
245 Runners 
167 Men, Winning Time 01:02:1478 Women, Winning Time 01:09:28
25.Lisa Swain01:12:433rd Women
86.Ron Bienstock01:20:483rd Age

Ridgewood Run 10K:

May 29, 2017 · Ridgewood, NJ
833 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
481 Men, Winning Time 00:30:13352 Women, Winning Time 00:34:16
 posted from CompuScore
10.Sam Teigen35:04.241st Age-PR
15.John Hogan36:20.232nd Age
31.David Yoo38:30.24
36.Paul Capuzzo38:39.41
38.Kevin Cordaro38:40.07
41.Matt Hanley39:12.73
45.Brian McCourt39:32.82
71.Kevin McAree40:39.52
84.Peter Cullen41:52.78
90.John Foster42:01.70
97.Mark Snyder42:29.70
101.Charles Davis42:44.53
106.James Linn43:03.96
118.Robert Hollis43:38.84
124.Fabian Vasquez43:46.41
135.Ed Kavanagh44:18.83
141.Lisa Swain44:36.602nd Age
146.Mark McKnight44:45.79
159.Michael Pierce45:08.79
158.Susan Murphy-Tesoriero45:09.57
164.Joe Maranzani45:21.00
174.Mark Washburne45:39.53
183.Wendy M. Kerr45:52.37
181.Kathleen Lamerton45:53.15
187.Alexis Goebel45:54.22
186.Donna Downing46:02.00
193.Eric Perlmutter46:09.98
204.Gloria Huberman46:45.313rd Age
206.Iris Saar46:53.53
209.Jack Frame47:03.432nd Age
214.Ryan Cinelli47:11.713rd Age
222.Tom Anzevino47:32.34
228.Christopher Kunkel47:33.93
244.Erika Campbell48:10.551st Age
273.Nancy Gitin49:11.98
280.Gordon Pitt49:21.73
284.Bob Roemer49:28.013rd Age
324.John Brady50:20.34
332.Aaron Kleinbaum50:46.40
343.Tim Durocher50:52.85
339.Dominique Hamel51:07.77
726.Eileen Neville51:15.45
350.Elizabeth Reeves51:17.90
355.Diane Washburne51:40.78
404.Colleen Arata52:59.01
399.Chuck Nebbia53:11.30
395.Stephen Jones53:14.02
415.Sophia (Ye) Chen53:22.93
413.Svetla Sands53:34.55
412.Susan Page 53:43.72
416.Dani Letsche53:51.11
461.Joanna Cunningham55:15.05
480.Pete Doroshenko55:49.94
483.Susan Rosmarin55:57.10
486.Daniel Kirsch56:02.12
485.Hugo Del Bove56:02.24
493.Mike Machuca56:12.59
502.Don W Lee56:22.92
503.Amalie Park56:28.29
514.Bernard Ward56:52.48
552.Dario Mirski58:05.86
556.Martin Hayes58:08.80
557.Patricia Zang58:17.89
555.Cami Klein58:30.17
573.Patricia Demmie58:51.63
591.Robert Zettel59:32.96
605.Gail Warshaw01:00:07.11
669.Andrew B. Paer01:02:39.59
696.Julie Stewart01:04:09.56
713.Barbara Paer01:05:06.34
727.Jerri Baccus Glover01:06:09.75
755.Teri Trivigno01:08:27.86
759.Stuart E. Shilitz01:08:52.40
767.Susan Keefer01:09:04.10
802.Pete Kelly01:13:01.26
803.Joseph C. Holloway01:13:09.40
813.Antje Hennings01:16:27.701st Age
823.Alexandra Bru01:22:08.322nd Age
834.Howard Silver01:43:09.70

Ridgewood Run 5K:

May 29, 2017 · Ridgewood, NJ
1,140 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
622 Men, Winning Time 00:14:45518 Women, Winning Time 00:17:19
 posted from CompuScore
12.Chris Andersen17:14.552nd Age
19.Danny Paolazzi17:43.60
28.Chris Peterson18:16.003rd Age
37.Camryn Wennersten18:53.311st Age
38.Matt Hanley18:57.072nd Age
39.David Yoo19:09.662nd Age
47.Brian McCourt19:39.471st Age
61.Nick Paolazzi20:24.002nd Age
124.Fabian Vasquez22:30.09
152.Timothy P Berry23:13.81
163.Bryce Wennersten23:31.50
165.Taryn Wennersten23:34.45
192.Kurt Helstrom23:52.34
195.Peyton Wennersten23:59.29
223.Marijana Dinic24:04.74
209.Triston Wennersten24:14.06
219.Kevin Wennersten24:28.69
355.Dexter David26:28.01
377.Karen Keaney26:41.11
385.Devin Sargent26:41.95
450.Patricia Kose27:14.962nd Age
453.Peter Muccio28:00.23
530.Glenn Jacobs28:38.65
546.Patricia Kavanagh28:40.80
574.Janet Regan-Livingston28:55.173rd Age
536.Mike Becker29:00.55
593.Tim Durocher29:05.85
562.Lisa Glatzer29:07.10
543.Michele Becker29:10.17
594.Kristin Kavanagh29:15.67
542.Ben Nathanson29:20.86
553.Helen Damiano29:21.011st Age
554.Michele Damiano29:22.20
707.Zazu Clews30:42.02
686.Patrick Lim Soo31:23.60
723.Barry R. Devens Jr.31:55.21
766.Karen Dwyer32:34.06
832.Andrew Sommerfeld32:44.20
819.Rob Conenello32:45.03
814.Wayne Latawiec33:16.76
837.David Parsekian33:55.37
857.Leonor Melendez34:32.77
893.Linda Lyons34:47.23
897.Ashley DePaola35:28.17
957.Romy Vreeland36:17.36
953.Nancy Markham37:05.48
961.Jennifer Parsekian37:17.02
974.Norman biener37:33.51
1014.Steven Simon38:18.41
1031.Narendra Pondugula38:47.69
1016.Christine Priddy38:50.12
1038.Tracy Broderick39:19.12
1055.Kathleen Walsh 40:27.83
1056.Andrew Cutler41:31.33
1074.Deirdre Byrne43:16.06
1075.Emmalee Stier43:16.54
1114.Vivian Chester48:58.28
1124.Kate Windram 53:51.83

Ridgewood Run Masters Women Mile:

May 29, 2017 · Ridgewood, NJ
3 Runners 
3 Women, Winning Time 00:05:33
 posted from CompuScore
3.Wanda Wang06:30.003rd Overall

Soldier Field 10 Mile:

May 27, 2017 · Chicago, IL
Men's Winning Time 00:50:36Women's Winning Time 00:59:48
3726.Mary Connolly01:43:46

Spring Lake 5M Run:

May 27, 2017 · Spring Lake, NJ
Men's Winning Time 00:25:20Women's Winning Time 00:28:11
93.Matt Hanley31:26.20
285.Mark Snyder34:40.90
399.Charles Davis35:58.20
512.Christopher Kunkel37:35.70
856.Hugo Del Bove39:50.70
949.Miho Saito40:07.90
1929.Dominique Hamel43:56.60
4927.Gail Warshaw53:58.20

Al Goldstein 5k Speed Series:

May 24, 2017 · Brooklyn N.Y.
395 Runners 
236 Men, Winning Time 00:16:26159 Women, Winning Time 00:19:21
129.Christopher Kunkel22:59.002nd Age

Bucks Country 10 Miler:

May 21, 2017 · Washington Crossing,Pa
284 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:00:27Women's Winning Time 01:12:20
17.James Linn01:12:361st age

Capitol Hill Classic 10K:

May 21, 2017 · Washington D.C.
1,934 Runners 
919 Men, Winning Time 00:31:181,015 Women, Winning Time 00:37:18
148.Fabian Vasquez44:13.00

Demarest PTO 5K:

May 21, 2017 · Demarest, NJ
361 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:16:26Women's Winning Time 00:18:17
16.Janna Danbe20:37.603rd Women
76.Michele Becker26:02.90
108.George Ivaldi27:50.30
117.Glenn Jacobs28:28.80
164.Gail Warshaw31:10.20
205.Barbara Paer34:02.20
247.Antje Hennings38:16.30
324.Howard Silver50:47.70

JerseyMan Half Light Triathlon:

May 21, 2017 · Clinton, NJ
179 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 02:16:27Women's Winning Time 02:38:02
 posted from CompuScore
38.Richard Rubino02:46:40
77.Eileen Neville03:06:222nd Age

MRCC/Trail Conference 5K:

May 21, 2017 · Mahwah, NJ
226 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:18:15Women's Winning Time 00:19:36
1.Chris Andersen18:15.001st Overall
3.Danny Paolazzi18:30.703rd Overall
9.Nick Paolazzi20:33.801st Age
21.John Olesin22:37.20
25.Eric Perlmutter23:16.903rd Age
29.Walt Jamros23:39.302nd Age
57.Colleen Arata25:56.503rd Age
58.Thomas Hoffmann25:58.90
64.Kurt Helstrom26:07.50
69.Laura Burnham26:36.001st place age

Pocono Mountain Run For The Red Marathon:

May 21, 2017 · Stroudsburg, PA
569 Runners 
361 Men, Winning Time 02:52:55208 Women, Winning Time 02:21:25
315.David Robinson03:50:08
Half Marathon

Superhero Half Marathon:

May 21, 2017 · Ginty Field, Morris Twp., NJ
1,135 Runners 
468 Men, Winning Time 01:19:58667 Women, Winning Time 01:19:58
 posted from CompuScore
57.Nora Cary01:39:371st Age
106.Mark Washburne01:43:49
262.Stephen Rutkowski01:52:27
362.Gordon Pitt01:57:49
481.Tim Durocher02:02:25
534.Harold Green02:05:332nd Age
655.Dario Mirski02:12:26
808.Patricia Demmie02:21:21
925.Peter Torpie02:31:11
1004.Mike Machuca02:41:023rd Age

Caldwell-West Caldwell Run For Education 5K:

May 20, 2017 · Caldwell, NJ
455 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:16:12Women's Winning Time 00:21:01
50.Hugo Del Bove23:53.701st Age
52.Tom McDonald23:59.60

Maywood 5K:

May 20, 2017 · Maywood, NJ
98 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:18:04Women's Winning Time 00:20:04
 posted from Elite
20.Tom Anzevino23:28.901st Age
36.Daniel Kirsch27:13.501st Age
Half Marathon

NYRR Half-Marathon: Brooklyn:

May 20, 2017 · Brooklyn, NY
27,440 Runners 
13,472 Men, Winning Time 01:04:5613,968 Women, Winning Time 01:12:34
 posted from NYRRC
968.John Owens01:29:26
2329.Charles Davis01:36:53
3537.Mark Snyder01:40:54
3924.Donna Downing01:42:08
4258.Craig Cinelli01:43:09
4295.Wendy M. Kerr01:43:15
4486.Alexis Goebel01:43:44PR
5283.Ryan Cinelli01:45:35
6078.Christopher Kunkel01:47:31
6638.Esther Rubinstein01:48:50
7190.Elizabeth Reeves01:50:00
8887.Timothy P Berry01:53:28
9788.John Brady01:55:09
10266.Nancy Gitin01:56:07
10743.Sophia (Ye) Chen01:56:59
11437.Svetla Sands01:58:12
24753.Barbara Paer01:59:13
12329.Dominique Hamel01:59:42
13299.Miho Saito02:01:41
13493.Michele Damiano02:02:05PR
14445.Mary Connolly02:04:06
17131.Roman Eisenberg02:09:42
17721.Lynn Dragovich02:11:13
17726.Linda Ferraro02:11:14
17909.Megan Kilzy02:11:46
19618.Monica Danna02:16:24
20434.Andrew B. Paer02:18:56
21175.Norman Chester02:21:24
22319.Gail Warshaw02:25:29
22324.Ellen George02:25:29
22989.Jerri Baccus Glover02:28:13
25211.Brenda Olesin02:42:13
25227.Andrew Sommerfeld02:42:24
25442.Pamela McGowan02:44:18

Our House 4 Mile:

May 20, 2017 · Summit, NJ
118 Runners 
64 Men, Winning Time 00:22:2954 Women, Winning Time 00:24:15
 posted from CompuScore
24.Eric Perlmutter30:00.18
26.Wanda Wang30:37.531st Age
28.Jack Frame31:03.561st Age

Pleasantville 5k Run for Education:

May 20, 2017 · Pleasantville, N.Y.
37.Bob Roemer24:38.001st age

Mind Matters 5K:

May 17, 2017 · Madison, NJ
312 Runners 
172 Men, Winning Time 00:17:27140 Women, Winning Time 00:19:27
 posted from CompuScore
27.Mark Washburne23:10.301st Age
37.Christopher Kunkel24:30.372nd Age
312.Bill Welsh01:23:57.742nd Age

Japan Day 4M:

May 14, 2017 · Central Park, NYC
4,870 Runners 
2,620 Men, Winning Time 00:19:252,250 Women, Winning Time 00:22:37
 posted from NYRRC
851.Christopher Kunkel30:31.00
1619.Alexis Goebel33:13.00
1623.Miho Saito33:14.00
2925.Linda Ferraro38:13.00
4560.Janine Hunter51:17.00

Mother's Day 5K:

May 14, 2017 · Berkeley Heights, NJ
1,209 Runners 
505 Men, Winning Time 00:16:54704 Women, Winning Time 00:19:33
 posted from Best
73.Mark Washburne22:20.902nd Age
130.Diane Washburne24:36.902nd Age

Rubin Run 10K:

May 14, 2017 · Tenafly , NJ
207 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
117 Men, Winning Time 00:38:2590 Women, Winning Time 00:38:45
 posted from CompuScore
28.Fabian Vasquez45:27.61
39.Gloria Huberman48:12.111st Age
140.Mary Connolly59:26.84
141.Cami Klein59:35.291st Age
193.Martin Hayes01:13:04.27
198.Alexandra Bru01:25:05.622nd Age
205.Howard Silver01:46:47.49

Rubin Run 5K:

May 14, 2017 · Tenafly , NJ
735 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
354 Men, Winning Time 00:19:30381 Women, Winning Time 00:19:21
 posted from CompuScore
35.Jack Frame23:12.821st Age
52.Bob Roemer25:13.772nd Age
135.Mike Machuca29:32.67
214.Teresa Bhe31:58.21
735.Bill Welsh01:12:25.842nd Age
Half Marathon

Rubin Run Half Marathon:

May 14, 2017 · Tenafly, NJ
98 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
51 Men, Winning Time 01:20:4947 Women, Winning Time 01:33:18
 posted from CompuScore
1.John Hogan01:20:481st Overall
7.John Owens01:31:432nd Age
11.Kevin McAree01:34:103rd Age
67.Tim Durocher02:06:06
66.Thomas Hoffmann02:06:082nd Age
87.Barbara Paer02:30:182nd Age
88.Peter Torpie02:30:36
Half Marathon

Bear Mountain Endurance Challenge Half Marathon:

May 13, 2017 · Bear Mountain, NY
576 Runners 
383 Men, Winning Time 01:32:05193 Women, Winning Time 02:04:56
434.Sandra Galindo03:21:07

Mary Therese Rose 5K:

May 13, 2017 · Mahwah, NJ
133 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:15:55Women's Winning Time 00:20:00
26.Beth Rissmeyer26:56.002nd Age
31.Bernard Ward28:10.001st Age


May 13, 2017 · Augusta, NJ
9.Eric Perlmutter22:29.302nd Age

Ramsey Public Education 5K:

May 13, 2017 · Ramsey, NJ
379 Runners 
222 Men, Winning Time 00:16:49157 Women, Winning Time 00:20:35
 posted from Best
3.Chris Andersen18:24.013rd Overall
82.Laura Burnham26:27.601st Age
114.Mary Connolly28:01.80

Rhineback Valley Marathon:

May 13, 2017 · New York
94 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 02:55:02Women's Winning Time 03:12:10
28.Donna Downing03:50:501st Age

Sacco Foundation 5K:

May 13, 2017 · North Bergen, NJ
255 Runners 
136 Men, Winning Time 00:16:14119 Women, Winning Time 00:24:08
 posted from Best
60.Janine Koller27:07.302nd Age
87.Glenn Jacobs29:31.203rd Age

Fleming 5K:

May 07, 2017 · Bloomfield, NJ
248 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:19:36Women's Winning Time 00:23:19
 posted from CompuScore
10.Mark Snyder21:25.40

Hard Cider 5K:

May 07, 2017 · Warwick Valley, NY
1,132 Runners 
257 Men, Winning Time 00:20:05875 Women, Winning Time 00:22:12
7.Matt Hanley21:18.703rd Age
Half Marathon

Long Island Half Marathon:

May 07, 2017 · Uniondale, NY
2,073 Runners 
1,141 Men, Winning Time 01:14:22932 Women, Winning Time 01:23:03
199.John McCormack01:44:10
Half Marathon

Pittsburgh Half Marathon:

May 07, 2017 · Pittsburgh, PA
13,072 Runners 
5,252 Men, Winning Time 01:04:147,820 Women, Winning Time 01:12:09
11617.Peter Torpie02:54:01
Half Marathon

Rock The River Palisades Half Marathon:

May 07, 2017 · Ross Dock, Fort Lee, NJ
286 Runners 
165 Men, Winning Time 01:19:32121 Women, Winning Time 01:39:29
13.John Owens01:35:171st Age
50.Fabian Vasquez01:48:13
76.Wanda Wang01:53:221st Age
255.Andrew B. Paer02:38:21

Run the Palisades 10K:

May 07, 2017 · Fort Lee, NJ
77 Runners 
40 Men, Winning Time 00:39:3237 Women, Winning Time 00:44:13
 posted from Best
6.Michael Pierce46:32.001st Age
51.Patricia Demmie58:49.001st Age

Run the Palisades 5K:

May 07, 2017 · Fort Lee, NJ
257 Runners 
102 Men, Winning Time 00:17:28155 Women, Winning Time 00:24:09
 posted from Best
72.Glenn Jacobs29:14.101st Age
153.Sachiko Kawamura42:35.902nd Age
183.Helene Bedrock48:58.201st Age

Waldwick 5K:

May 07, 2017 · Waldwick, NJ
523 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
257 Men, Winning Time 00:15:24268 Women, Winning Time 00:19:57
 posted from Best
4.Danny Paolazzi18:28.501st Age
16.Nick Paolazzi20:13.201st Age
26.Max Christensen21:13.40
83.Gerard Tuohy24:28.00
84.Hugo Del Bove24:34.901st Age
105.Kurt Helstrom25:23.30
111.Elizabeth Reeves25:31.601st Age
127.Elisa Marra26:00.602nd Age
133.Stephen Karcich26:11.00
158.Susan Rosmarin26:50.001st Age
173.Laura Burnham27:19.602nd Age
239.Kathleen Koukeas29:20.60
405.Susan Hogan35:17.60
412.Christine Priddy35:41.20
465.Alexandra Bru39:16.301st Age
467.Tracy Broderick39:25.40
508.Howard Silver46:07.40

Action For Distraction 5K:

May 06, 2017 · Morristown, NJ
226 Runners 
117 Men, Winning Time 00:18:28109 Women, Winning Time 00:21:16
 posted from CompuScore
62.Laura Trento28:13.642nd Age

Newport 10,000:

May 06, 2017 · Jersey City, NJ
1,578 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
873 Men, Winning Time 00:29:46705 Women, Winning Time 00:34:17
 posted from CompuScore
39.Sam Teigen35:51.572nd Age-PR
54.John Hogan37:19.332nd Age
100.Matt Hanley39:56.12
121.Misa Tamura41:24.422nd Age
162.Max Christensen43:22.44
213.Mark McKnight45:26.81
218.Michael Neilson45:39.63
221.James Linn45:50.00
225.Lisa Swain45:50.921st Age
259.Mark Washburne47:06.95
295.Christopher Kunkel48:02.85
302.Jack Frame48:16.062nd Age
307.Gerry Ferraro48:27.48
432.Bob Roemer51:24.23
458.Ron Bienstock51:56.00
639.Daniel Kirsch55:44.833rd Age
714.Janine Koller56:48.97
751.Patricia Zang57:42.75
748.Hugo Del Bove57:54.70
877.Mike Machuca59:56.66
1305.Cami Klein01:00:29.00
1011.Gail Warshaw01:01:47.87
1161.Jacqueline Reuveni01:04:35.99
1230.Michelle Christensen01:06:32.83
1359.Lorraine Dexter01:10:34.20

Xterra Wawayanda Trail Run Northeast Series 10K:

May 06, 2017 · Wawayanda state park nj
13 Women
4.Sandra Galindo01:17.571 Age group

Big Sur International Marathon:

Apr 30, 2017 · Big Sur, CA
3,247 Runners 
1,582 Men, Winning Time 02:30:291,665 Women, Winning Time 03:01:47
829.Christian Treitler04:04:53
910.Esther Rubinstein04:09:07

Challenger 5K - Oakland:

Apr 30, 2017 · Oakland, NJ
124 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:15:05Women's Winning Time 00:20:22
4.Chris Andersen19:11.482nd Age
41.Melynda Whitnall27:47.40
121.Jane Van Eeuwen54:54.901st Age
124.Bill Welsh01:24:25.001st Age
Half Marathon

Hook Mountain 1/2 Marathon:

Apr 30, 2017 · Rockland Lake N.Y.
264 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:17:11Women's Winning Time 01:37:07
8.Matt Hanley01:30:243rd Age
235.Andrew B. Paer02:29:39
Half Marathon

Novo Nordisk Half Marathon:

Apr 30, 2017 · Oceanport, NJ
3,661 Runners 
1,556 Men, Winning Time 01:08:272,105 Women, Winning Time 01:24:29
352.Fabian Vasquez01:44:57
362.David Rosenthal01:45:11
439.Walt Jamros01:47:122nd Age
1106.Michele Becker01:58:55
1476.Karen Keaney02:04:51
1520.Mary Connolly02:05:30
1785.Amalie Park02:09:20
Half Marathon

NYRR SHAPE Women's Half Marathon:

Apr 30, 2017 · New York, NY
6,983 Runners 
6,983 Women, Winning Time 01:16:18
 posted from NYRRC
212.Donna Downing01:43:04
3796.Megan Kilzy02:17:59
4780.Jerri Baccus Glover02:27:37
5071.Barbara Paer02:30:39

P5K for Special Olympics:

Apr 30, 2017 · Dunkerhook Pk. Paramus
34 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:21:41
14.Beth Rissmeyer27:33.00

Radburn PTA Family 5K:

Apr 30, 2017 · Fair Lawn, NJ
129 Runners 
59 Men, Winning Time 00:18:3470 Women, Winning Time 00:21:31
3.Scott Robert Avidon18:55.003rd Overall
7.Lisa Swain21:31.001st Women
9.Iris Saar22:11.002nd Women
14.Gloria Huberman23:04.003rd Women
46.Glenn Jacobs27:38.001st Age

Clinton Country Run 15K:

Apr 29, 2017 · Clinton Twp, NJ
363 RunnersPrize Money: $700.00    USATF-GP: 700 pts.
213 Men, Winning Time 00:52:21150 Women, Winning Time 00:56:54
 posted from CompuScore
11.John Hogan57:191st Place Age
22.Harold E. Porcher01:00:133rd Age
32.Kevin Cordaro01:02:45
33.Brian McCourt01:02:503rd Age
34.Richard Rubino01:02:503rd Age
35.Jason Heap01:02:51
52.John Owens01:06:05
74.Nora Cary01:09:361st Age
90.James Linn01:11:43
96.Fabian Vasquez01:12:20
100.Susan Murphy-Tesoriero01:12:45
102.Ed Kavanagh01:13:00
121.Lisa Swain01:15:041st Age
123.Mark Washburne01:15:18
153.Christopher Kunkel01:19:12
175.Tom Anzevino01:21:52
179.Larry Kahm01:22:07
184.Stephen Rutkowski01:22:30
192.Jack Frame01:23:131st Age
211.Andrew Coyle01:24:323rd age
228.Diane Washburne01:26:20
242.Thomas Hoffmann01:27:48
243.Svetla Sands01:27:49
269.Linda Ferraro01:31:42
270.Joanna Cunningham01:31:51
272.Daniel Kirsch01:32:00
279.Cami Klein01:33:41
285.Mike Machuca01:35:37
289.Norman Chester01:36:37
293.Jerald Schragen01:37:19
313.Patricia Demmie01:41:56
325.Maryann Murphy01:48:401st Age
330.Robert Zettel01:52:16

Saddle Brook Educational Foundation 5K:

Apr 29, 2017 · Saddle Brook, NJ
72 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:20:46Women's Winning Time 00:23:31
4.Peter Monaco22:54.50
15.Beth Rissmeyer26:48.001st age

Susan Zabransky Hughes Memorial 5K:

Apr 29, 2017 · Saddle River, NJ
514 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
221 Men, Winning Time 00:19:08293 Women, Winning Time 00:20:06
 posted from CompuScore
10.Carol Keegan20:49.342nd Women
31.Hugo Del Bove23:19.562nd Age
46.Bob Roemer24:20.161st Age
91.Paul Doxey26:37.882nd Age
100.Laura Burnham27:37.001st place age
111.Martin Hayes28:02.96

Woods & Lakes 5K:

Apr 29, 2017 · Mountain Lakes
89 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:20:47Women's Winning Time 00:25:18
27.James Kalka32:42.40

Leatherman's Loop 10K:

Apr 23, 2017 · Cross River, NY
1,348 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:37:51Women's Winning Time 00:48:52
12.John Hogan45:05.001st Age
45.Matt Hanley49:03.00
53.Johnny DePaola49:52.00
183.Rudi Trivigno Jr.57:07.00
211.Teri Trivigno58:43.00
303.Eileen Neville01:02:11.00
536.Paul Capuzzo01:09:39.00
788.Wanda Wang01:17:59.00

RocknRun4Education 5K:

Apr 23, 2017 · North Haledon,N.J.
156 Runners 
90 Men, Winning Time 00:15:4166 Women, Winning Time 00:20:50
6.Mark Snyder20:53.801st Age

Run as One 4M:

Apr 23, 2017 · New York, NY
8,308 Runners 
4,318 Men, Winning Time 00:18:533,990 Women, Winning Time 00:22:34
 posted from NYRRC
553.Max Christensen27:46.00
738.Donna Downing28:30.003rd Age
1584.Bruce Bieber30:57.00
3256.Michele Damiano34:37.00
3496.Michael Yannone35:08.00
4172.Andrew B. Paer36:33.00
4660.Patricia Zang37:44.00
4777.Monica Danna37:59.00
6201.Jerri Baccus Glover41:58.00
7814.Catherine Arriola52:19.00
8013.James Sperduto56:04.00
8182.Janine Hunter01:01:49.00

Run from Winter 10K:

Apr 23, 2017 · Bridgewater, NJ
240 Runners 
137 Men, Winning Time 00:37:15103 Women, Winning Time 00:37:19
 posted from CompuScore
32.Mark McKnight45:42.00
36.Mark Washburne46:17.003rd Age
66.Diane Washburne50:58.003rd age

Thunderbird 10K:

Apr 23, 2017 · Mahwah, NJ
124 Runners 
70 Men, Winning Time 00:39:3854 Women, Winning Time 00:45:01
 posted from CompuScore
20.Fabian Vasquez46:08.48
27.Michael Pierce46:51.293rd Age
28.John McCormack47:40.74
75.Hugo Del Bove57:42.171st Age
77.Mary Connolly57:56.853rd Age
113.Brenda Olesin01:09:15.952nd Age

Thunderbird 5K:

Apr 23, 2017 · Mahwah, NJ
243 Runners 
94 Men, Winning Time 00:20:20149 Women, Winning Time 00:21:21
 posted from CompuScore
35.Colleen Arata25:38.111st Age
40.Michele Becker26:19.313rd Age
45.Amalie Park26:46.28
51.Paul Doxey27:13.441st Age
65.Laura Burnham28:28.001st place age

Earth Day 5K:

Apr 22, 2017 · Jersey City, NJ
437 Runners 
218 Men, Winning Time 00:16:38219 Women, Winning Time 00:20:58
 posted from CompuScore
9.Jason Heap19:05.14
118.Glenn Jacobs28:30.79
382.Jane Van Eeuwen48:04.04
437.Bill Welsh01:28:29.72
Half Marathon

Garmin "In The Land Of Oz" Half Marathon:

Apr 22, 2017 · Olathe, KS
1,713 Runners 
702 Men, Winning Time 01:11:451,011 Women, Winning Time 01:25:53
1693.Matthew Ishkanian03:53:10

John Bellew Memorial 5K:

Apr 22, 2017 · Pearl River, NY
332 Runners 
191 Men, Winning Time 00:16:33139 Women, Winning Time 00:21:40
146.Kathleen Koukeas28:17.00
206.Alex Koukeas32:21.00
Half Marathon

Martian Invasion of Races/ Half marathon:

Apr 22, 2017 · Dearborn Mi.
969 Runners 
501 Men, Winning Time 01:11:40464 Women, Winning Time 01:35:16
353.Andrew Coyle02:00:261st age

NYCRUNS Prospect Park 10K:

Apr 22, 2017 · Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NYC
985 Runners 
380 Men, Winning Time 00:35:32605 Women
71.Mark Snyder44:09.00

Rev It Up! 5K:

Apr 22, 2017 · Sparta, NJ
114 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:16:49Women's Winning Time 00:24:29
22.Laura Trento26:47.901st Age

River Edge 5K:

Apr 22, 2017 · River Edge, NJ
487 Runners 
244 Men, Winning Time 00:16:11243 Women, Winning Time 00:20:14
 posted from Best
4.Danny Paolazzi18:20.802nd Age
13.Nick Paolazzi20:08.101st Age
21.Carol Keegan20:46.603rd Women
28.Fabian Vasquez21:16.902nd Age
37.Donna Downing21:50.101st Age
38.Tom McCarthy21:56.001st Age
39.Michael Neilson22:02.40
40.David Robinson22:03.303rd Age
45.Peter Molyneux22:17.602nd Age
49.Jack Frame22:39.701st Age
63.Larry Kahm23:20.503rd Age
72.Hugo Del Bove23:45.401st Age
75.Tom Anzevino24:01.70
93.Christopher Kunkel24:35.60
101.Wendy Bost24:51.403rd Age
107.Bob Roemer25:01.202nd Age
110.Kurt Helstrom25:03.30
132.Sandra Galindo25:44.90
133.Melissa Love-Perrone25:49.803rd Age
139.Stuart E. Shilitz26:11.60
145.Norman Chester26:34.90
149.Jerald Schragen26:40.503rd Age
170.Susan Rosmarin27:12.401st Age
176.Mary Connolly27:29.303rd Age
201.Mike Machuca28:26.101st Age
207.Lynn Dragovich28:36.60
216.Don W Lee29:00.00
237.Cami Klein29:32.202nd Age
242.Jo Ann Brown29:40.30
266.Jacqueline Reuveni30:19.50
276.Gail Warshaw30:39.703rd Age
287.Felicia Brobson30:57.20
308.Deborah Lee31:53.30
313.George Gross32:04.60
328.Jeffrey Whittaker32:43.00
330.Lorraine Dexter32:45.50
390.Tammy Shaw Rodano35:11.70
402.Linda Lyons35:42.70
441.Romy Vreeland38:23.60
443.Sam Teigen38:24.70
467.Alexandra Bru42:26.501st Age
472.Sachiko Kawamura43:51.101st Age
483.Howard Silver50:57.203rd Age

Boston Marathon:

Apr 17, 2017 · Boston, MA
26,411 Runners 
14,438 Men, Winning Time 02:09:3711,973 Women, Winning Time 02:21:52
199.Sam Teigen02:40:39PR
983.Paul Kartanowicz02:56:01
2264.Scott Robert Avidon03:07:11
3011.Samuel Bouveron03:12:26
3394.Matt Hanley03:15:14
3539.Brian McCourt03:16:20
7997.Christian Treitler03:33:41
7766.Janna Danbe03:34:45
12173.Wendy M. Kerr03:48:12
14969.Esther Rubinstein03:58:35
15501.Mark Washburne03:59:31
15296.Megan Dippolito04:01:15
17910.Teresa Simpson04:11:13
20585.Kevin Baltzer04:43:27
25485.Donna Downing05:30:03

B.A.A. 5K:

Apr 15, 2017 · Boston, MA
8,921 Runners 
3,767 Men, Winning Time 00:13:205,154 Women, Winning Time 00:14:54
177.Matt Hanley18:22.00
3705.Norman Chester28:18.00
5848.Christopher Kunkel31:58.00

Lobster Run 5K:

Apr 15, 2017 · Asbury Park
361 Runners 
141 Men, Winning Time 00:16:24220 Women, Winning Time 00:19:34
324.Jane Van Eeuwen48:54.001st Age
361.Bill Welsh01:25:21.002nd Age

Cherry Blossom 10K:

Apr 09, 2017 · Newark, NJ
1,097 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
469 Men, Winning Time 00:33:04628 Women, Winning Time 00:37:12
 posted from CompuScore
10.John Hogan36:23.511st Age
17.Matt Hanley38:14.753rd Age
20.David Yoo38:47.991st Age
111.Eric Perlmutter47:00.58
129.Gloria Huberman47:55.821st Age
138.Jack Frame48:33.942nd Age
187.Stephen Rutkowski50:51.11
216.Elizabeth Reeves51:57.39
298.Sandra Galindo54:39.32
321.Kari Gallagher55:32.62
381.Svetla Sands57:28.74
475.Katie Maher59:35.01
485.Cami Klein59:54.81
544.Kathleen Koukeas01:01:39.44
546.Fran Ruff01:01:40.81
789.Julie Stewart01:09:58.12
799.Lorraine Dexter01:10:28.78
899.Joseph C. Holloway01:16:18.57
904.Susan Hogan01:16:31.00
922.Betty Fernandez01:17:11.97
975.Adriana Rivera01:21:02.76
976.Betsy Van Ost01:21:04.73
986.Christine Priddy01:22:24.00
1078.Jane Van Eeuwen01:47:43.882nd Age

Healthy Kidney 10K:

Apr 09, 2017 · New York, NY
8,604 Runners 
4,575 Men, Winning Time 00:28:214,029 Women, Winning Time 00:31:37
 posted from NYRRC
1263.Gerry Ferraro46:29.00
1358.Christopher Kunkel46:57.00
1899.Wanda Wang48:55.00
4211.Nancy Gitin56:23.00
4571.Patricia Zang57:31.00
5598.Andrew B. Paer01:00:52.00
6816.Jerri Baccus Glover01:06:52.00
8091.James Sperduto01:19:47.00

Lincoln Tunnel Challenge 5K:

Apr 09, 2017 · Weehawken, NJ
1,882 Runners 
958 Men, Winning Time 00:16:24924 Women, Winning Time 00:19:49
10.Danny Paolazzi18:42.001st Age
26.Nick Paolazzi20:23.201st Age
75.Ryan Cinelli23:05.002nd place age
249.Norman Chester26:07.90
380.Lynn Dragovich28:06.60

Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 56K:

Apr 09, 2017 · Cape Town, South Africa
Men's Winning Time 03:09:44Women's Winning Time 03:37:14
2001.Charles Davis05:18:37
9999.Dominique Hamel06:12:22
Half Marathon

Unite Half Marathon:

Apr 09, 2017 · Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ
2,544 Runners 
1,407 Men, Winning Time 01:14:151,137 Women, Winning Time 01:23:12
228.Ed Kavanagh01:41:58
268.Joe Maranzani01:43:21
504.Hugo Del Bove01:50:561st Age
1765.Patricia Kavanagh02:24:07

Walk with Me 5K:

Apr 09, 2017 · MetLife Stadium,E.Rutherford,N.J.
111 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:19:51Women's Winning Time 00:24:03
13.Hugo Del Bove23:40.891st Age

Rock and Snow Bridge 2 Bridge Run:

Apr 08, 2017 · Mohonk Preserve, High Falls. N.Y.
232 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:28:24Women's Winning Time 00:31:51
114.Stephen Karcich45:13.00

Run the Runway:

Apr 08, 2017 · Scottsdale, AZ
169 Runners 
82 Men, Winning Time 00:53:2387 Women, Winning Time 01:02:25
106.Robert Abbatomarco01:35:48

St. Cassian 5K:

Apr 08, 2017 · Bloomfield, NJ
63 Men, Winning Time 00:17:3261 Women, Winning Time 00:21:34
 posted from CompuScore
37.Glenn Jacobs29:11.74

Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile:

Apr 04, 2017 · Washington D.C.
17,447 Runners 
6,991 Men, Winning Time 00:46:3610,456 Women, Winning Time 00:53:37
8209.Kari Gallagher01:36:06
8684.Linda Ferraro01:37:19
9999.Sang E. Kim01:37:33

AAHPO 1.75 Mile (short course):

Apr 02, 2017 · Teaneck, NJ
59 Runners 
23 Men, Winning Time 00:11:1936 Women, Winning Time 00:15:19
 posted from CompuScore
13.Glenn Jacobs17:19.471st Age

Boonton SRT 5K:

Apr 02, 2017 · Boonton N.J.
Men's Winning Time 00:18:58Women's Winning Time 00:20:56
45.Sandra Galindo26:13.002nd age

Colon Cancer Challenge 5K - Randall's Island:

Apr 02, 2017 · Randall's Island Park, New York, NY
96 Runners 
45 Men, Winning Time 00:23:1951 Women, Winning Time 00:23:17
 posted from Best
5.Hugo Del Bove24:22.903rd Men & 1st Age

Indian Trails 20K:

Apr 02, 2017 · Middletown, NJ
353 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
217 Men, Winning Time 01:08:06136 Women, Winning Time 01:19:15
13.Sam Teigen01:16:293rd Age
18.John Hogan01:18:013rd Age
35.David Yoo01:22:59
40.Scott Robert Avidon01:24:01
42.Rudi Trivigno Jr.01:24:16
52.Brian McCourt01:27:043rd Age
55.Paul Capuzzo01:27:29
56.Jason Heap01:27:44
88.David Robinson01:33:48
90.Robert Hollis01:34:18
98.Wendy M. Kerr01:35:243rd Age
103.James Linn01:36:373rd Age
118.Mark Snyder01:38:37
121.Carmen Sargent01:38:55
143.Christopher Kunkel01:42:57
165.Debbie Brathwaite01:46:201st Age
175.Megan Dippolito01:47:27
229.Eileen Neville01:55:27
246.Miho Saito01:58:43
285.Thomas Hoffmann02:04:51
295.Jerald Schragen02:09:113rd Age
299.Daniel Kirsch02:10:28
300.Dominique Hamel02:10:31
301.Norman Chester02:10:32
327.Mike Machuca02:17:45

Rare Is Beautiful 5K:

Apr 02, 2017 · Elmwood Park, NJ
349 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:20:19Women's Winning Time 00:20:43
12.Eric Perlmutter22:59.532nd Age
67.Jacqueline Reuveni29:23.891st Age

Shamrock Shuffle 8K:

Apr 02, 2017 · Chicago, IL
20,002 Runners 
8,694 Men, Winning Time 00:22:4711,308 Women, Winning Time 00:25:43
6517.Mary Connolly46:06.00

Boomer's Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe 4 Mile:

Apr 01, 2017 · NYC, NY
4,728 Runners 
2,477 Men, Winning Time 00:19:532,251 Women, Winning Time 00:24:13
 posted from NYRRC
675.Alexis Goebel29:54.00
1668.Chuck Nebbia33:53.00
2304.Michele Damiano36:03.00
2823.Monica Danna37:47.00
2913.Nancy Gitin38:07.00
2990.Elizabeth Reeves38:27.00
2991.Kathleen Koukeas38:27.00
4110.Ellen George45:45.00

Colonia 5K Classic:

Apr 01, 2017 · Colonia, NJ
179 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
93 Men, Winning Time 00:17:0386 Women, Winning Time 00:21:15
 posted from CompuScore
27.Jack Frame23:09.161st Age

Habitat Bergen Race To Build 5K - Ridgefield Park:

Apr 01, 2017 · Ridgefield Park, NJ
111 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:22:02Women's Winning Time 00:25:41
20.Sandra Galindo28:24.301st Age
30.Andrew Sommerfeld30:17.00
92.Sachiko Kawamura47:50.901st Age

Lost Brook Trail 10 Mile:

Apr 01, 2017 · Tenafly, NJ
25 Runners 
22 Men, Winning Time 01:06:573 Women, Winning Time 01:32:32
5.Matt Hanley01:23:271st Age

Lost Brook Trail Race 5m:

Apr 01, 2017 · Tenafly Nature Center,Tenafly,N.J.
30 Runners 
21 Men, Winning Time 00:36:469 Women, Winning Time 00:52:56
13.Beth Rissmeyer58:40.002nd Women

Garden State 10 Mile:

Mar 26, 2017 · Somerset, NJ
535 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
272 Men, Winning Time 00:48:41263 Women, Winning Time 00:58:05
 posted from CompuScore
24.Sam Teigen59:151st Age
64.Kevin McAree01:09:35
144.Jack Frame01:20:591st Age
303.Bernard Ward01:36:39
317.Mike Machuca01:37:242nd Age

Garden State 5K:

Mar 26, 2017 · Somerset, NJ
309 Runners 
156 Men, Winning Time 00:16:10153 Women, Winning Time 00:19:15
29.Max Christensen20:12.582nd Age
Half Marathon

NYCRUNS West Point Half Marathon:

Mar 26, 2017 · West Point, NY
749 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:14:18Women's Winning Time 01:26:36
399.Beth Rissmeyer02:00:25

Ocean Drive 10M:

Mar 26, 2017 · Cape May, NJ
170 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
84 Men, Winning Time 01:01:2786 Women, Winning Time 01:04:30
 posted from CompuScore
27.Debbie Brathwaite01:22:051st Age

Ocean Drive Marathon:

Mar 26, 2017 · Cape May, NJ
210 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 02:48:10Women's Winning Time 03:04:00
113.Charles Davis03:44:28
44.Stephen Jones03:44:29
142.Dominique Hamel04:44:42
Half Marathon

Baker's Dozen Half Marathon:

Mar 25, 2017 · Montclair, NJ
1,210 Runners USATF-GP: 700 pts.
430 Men, Winning Time 01:11:50780 Women, Winning Time 01:20:28
 posted from CompuScore
8.John Hogan01:20:291st Age
191.Christopher Kunkel01:48:233rd Age
266.Kevin Burns01:53:22
272.Hugo Del Bove01:53:392nd Age
439.Aaron Kleinbaum02:02:35
450.Karen Keaney02:03:53
530.Melynda Whitnall02:07:28
738.Patricia Demmie02:20:24
775.Jacqueline Reuveni02:21:51

NYRR Central Park Spring Classic:

Mar 25, 2017 · NY, NY
 posted from NYRRC
2010.Chuck Nebbia01:00:03.00
2592.Barbara Paer01:05:44.00

Wurtsboro Mountain 30K Run:

Mar 25, 2017 · Wurtsboro, NY
52 Runners 
36 Men, Winning Time 01:55:4416 Women, Winning Time 02:30:44
5.Matt Hanley02:14:07

Fair Lawn St. Patrick's Day 5K:

Mar 19, 2017 · Fair Lawn, NJ
132 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:18:33Women's Winning Time 00:19:17
5.Camryn Wennersten19:31.262nd Women
7.Brian DePersis20:10.291st Age
11.Lisa Swain21:29.331st Age
15.Joe Maranzani21:55.201st Age
19.Iris Saar23:01.681st Age
24.Taryn Wennersten24:07.871st Age
35.Beth Rissmeyer26:29.183rd Age
42.Mary Connolly26:55.722nd Age
43.Norman Chester26:59.451st Age
67.Charles Reilly30:31.111st Age
104.Linda Lyons37:16.81
125.Jane Van Eeuwen48:42.591st Age
126.Vivian Chester51:44.302nd Age

LA Marathon:

Mar 19, 2017 · Los Angeles, CA
18,867 Runners 
10,917 Men, Winning Time 02:11:527,950 Women, Winning Time 02:34:23
221.David Yoo03:10:28
Half Marathon

NYC Half-Marathon:

Mar 19, 2017 · New York, NY
19,387 Runners 
9,510 Men, Winning Time 01:00:049,877 Women, Winning Time 01:08:19
 posted from NYRRC
112.Sam Teigen01:15:18PR
376.Matt Hanley01:22:56
569.Brian McCourt01:25:51
965.John Owens01:30:08
1386.Janna Danbe01:33:46
2106.Gerry Ferraro01:38:25
2395.Wendy M. Kerr01:40:04
2737.David Robinson01:41:58
3053.Bart Reekmans01:43:22
3510.Carmen Sargent01:45:10
3846.Donna Downing01:46:39
4336.David Rosenthal01:48:24
4390.Esther Rubinstein01:48:36
4432.Gloria Huberman01:48:45
4640.Kelly Cinelli01:49:29
5045.Peter Monaco01:50:46
5051.Miho Saito01:50:47
5433.Elizabeth Reeves01:52:03
7351.Christopher Jentile01:57:31
7530.Svetla Sands01:57:57
7748.Stephen Falanga01:58:30
8502.Megan Dippolito02:00:30
8800.Sophia (Ye) Chen02:01:22
9026.Elisa Marra02:02:02
10404.Pete Doroshenko02:06:19
11209.Andrew Sommerfeld02:08:47
13025.Linda Ferraro02:15:15
13158.Lynn Dragovich02:15:43
13212.Kathleen Koukeas02:15:58
13353.Monica Danna02:16:28
15003.Michelle Christensen02:23:53
15668.Ellen George02:27:37
16207.Patricia Demmie02:30:53
16421.Andrew B. Paer02:32:24
16420.Patricia Kutner Fiume02:32:24
16541.Barbara Paer02:33:10
16950.George Gross02:36:23
17315.Jerri Baccus Glover02:39:54
Half Marathon

Doc Lopez Half Marathon:

Mar 18, 2017 · Keene Valley, NY
53 Runners 
30 Men, Winning Time 01:19:5323 Women, Winning Time 01:33:38
18.Christopher Kunkel01:52:301st Age
Half Marathon

E. Murray Todd Half Marathon:

Mar 12, 2017 · Lincroft, NJ
423 Runners 
270 Men, Winning Time 01:16:50153 Women, Winning Time 01:20:55
3.Paul Kartanowicz01:18:173rd Overall
18.Harold E. Porcher01:26:073rd Age

Passaic Valley Softball Shamrock 5K:

Mar 12, 2017 · Hillsdale, NJ
128 Runners 
76 Men, Winning Time 00:18:3852 Women, Winning Time 00:21:07
 posted from Best
8.Max Christensen20:52.502nd Age
58.Glenn Jacobs27:46.401st Age
73.Peter Muccio30:33.50
123.Howard Silver52:18.803rd Age

Bill Fortune Memorial 10K:

Mar 11, 2017 · Rockland Lake State Park
160 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:36:56Women's Winning Time 00:38:33
82.Beth Rissmeyer54:15.00

Bill Fortune Memorial 5K:

Mar 11, 2017 · Rockland Lake State Park
122 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:19:27Women's Winning Time 00:20:35
25.Christopher Jentile24:57.003rd age

Morristown St. Patty's Day 5K:

Mar 11, 2017 · Ginty Field, Morris Twp, NJ
638 Runners 
290 Men, Winning Time 00:16:30348 Women, Winning Time 00:19:15
 posted from CompuScore
158.Bernard Ward27:22.951st Age
596.Jane Van Eeuwen49:45.391st Age
638.Bill Welsh01:46:43.792nd Age

Shamrock'N'Run 5K:

Mar 11, 2017 · Rutherford N.J.
303 Runners 
147 Men, Winning Time 00:19:08156 Women, Winning Time 00:20:50
2.Danny Paolazzi19:14.902nd Overall
7.Nick Paolazzi20:23.801st Age
19.Fabian Vasquez21:37.103rd Age
24.Gerry Ferraro22:17.80
31.Jack Frame23:00.001st Place Age
33.Larry Kahm23:11.201st Age
39.Hugo Del Bove23:50.601st Age
58.Aaron Kleinbaum24:44.503rd Age
80.Karen Keaney26:21.80
92.Kari Gallagher27:00.001st age
198.Teri Trivigno34:36.10
Half Marathon

A Run Through Redlands:

Mar 05, 2017 · Redlands, CA
22.John Foster01:37:261st Age

Purim 5K:

Mar 05, 2017 · Fair Lawn, NJ
121 Runners 
63 Men, Winning Time 00:17:2258 Women, Winning Time 00:21:05
 posted from Best
4.Danny Paolazzi18:24.702nd Age
8.Nick Paolazzi19:47.701st Age
14.Lisa Swain21:20.602nd Women
16.Jack Frame23:07.701st Age
19.Hugo Del Bove23:22.101st Age
22.Gloria Huberman23:42.902nd Age
23.Tom Anzevino23:59.002nd Age
30.Esther Rubinstein24:36.50
44.Amalie Park26:48.50
48.Glenn Jacobs28:18.40
62.Cami Klein30:01.701st Age

Washington Heights Salsa, Blues & Shamrocks 5K:

Mar 05, 2017 · New York, NY
4,447 Runners 
2,344 Men, Winning Time 00:15:152,103 Women, Winning Time 00:17:16
 posted from NYRRC
206.Matt Hanley18:46.00
536.Mark Snyder20:55.00
1252.Christopher Kunkel24:05.00
1411.Wanda Wang24:43.00
1683.Elizabeth Reeves25:42.00
1859.Timothy P Berry26:18.00
1966.Svetla Sands26:40.00
2391.Andrew Sommerfeld28:12.00
2396.Sophia (Ye) Chen28:14.00
2401.Alexis Goebel28:14.00
2409.Miho Saito28:16.00
2563.Karen Keaney28:54.00
2702.Mary Connolly29:20.00
2860.Andrew B. Paer29:59.00
2984.Monica Danna30:33.00
3211.Kathleen Koukeas31:39.00
3281.Gail Warshaw32:06.00
3383.Michelle Christensen32:41.00
3732.Ellen George34:47.00
3742.Lorraine Dexter34:50.00
3748.Brenda Olesin34:52.00
3803.Antje Hennings35:18.00
4033.Betsy Van Ost37:47.00
4083.James Sperduto38:26.00

NYRR Thursday Night at the Races Mile:

Mar 02, 2017 · The Armory, NYC
50.Matt Hanley05:09.15

HMRRC Winter Series 20 Mile:

Feb 26, 2017 · Albany,N.Y.
17 Runners 
15 Men, Winning Time 02:17:222 Women, Winning Time 02:47:22
13.Christopher Kunkel02:58:58
Half Marathon

Hyannis Half Marathon:

Feb 26, 2017 · Hyannis, MA
1,428 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:06:54Women's Winning Time 01:14:37
168.Camille Davis01:37:15
1311.Gail Warshaw02:21:25
1506.Antje Hennings02:42:311st Age

Hyannis Marathon:

Feb 26, 2017 · Hyannis, MA
304 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 02:21:30Women's Winning Time 03:08:08
88.Charles Davis03:44:57
233.Dominique Hamel04:42:38
Half Marathon

NYCRUNS Central Park Half Marathon:

Feb 26, 2017 · Central Park, NYC, NY
1,432 Runners 
733 Men, Winning Time 01:14:45699 Women, Winning Time 01:29:39
732.Patricia Kutner Fiume02:04:193rd Age
955.Don W Lee02:14:35
1273.Barbara Paer02:36:59
1374.Andrew B. Paer02:52:51

NYRR Al Gordon Classic 4M Brooklyn:

Feb 25, 2017 · Prospect Park, Brooklyn
5,258 Runners 
2,539 Men, Winning Time 00:20:182,719 Women, Winning Time 00:23:13
 posted from NYRRC
236.Mark Snyder26:23.00
856.Jack Frame29:57.001st Age
1234.Nancy Gitin31:16.00
1838.Chuck Nebbia33:30.00
2486.Andrew Sommerfeld35:27.00
3810.Michele Damiano40:35.00
3821.Kathleen Koukeas40:38.00
3822.Ellen George40:38.00
3825.Elizabeth Reeves40:39.00
4391.Lorraine Dexter44:05.00
4420.Jerri Baccus Glover44:19.00

Old Fashioned Ten Mile:

Feb 19, 2017 · Foxborough, MA
500 Runners 
245 Men, Winning Time 00:55:14255 Women, Winning Time 01:02:37
191.Teresa Simpson01:29:32
231.Stephen Jones01:32:22

PPTC Cherry Tree 10M:

Feb 19, 2017 · Brooklyn, NY
711 Runners 
367 Men, Winning Time 00:54:43344 Women, Winning Time 01:00:19
71.Kevin McAree01:09:12
72.Matt Hanley01:09:25

Cupid's Chase 5K-Morristown:

Feb 18, 2017 · Morristown,N.J.
209 Runners 
88 Men, Winning Time 00:17:53121 Women, Winning Time 00:21:25
 posted from CompuScore
4.Rudi Trivigno Jr.18:27.381st Age
6.Jason Heap19:42.00
20.Jack Frame23:35.531st Age
21.Nancy Gitin23:43.621st Age

Febapple Frozen 10 Mile:

Feb 18, 2017 · Maplewood, NJ
98 Runners 
59 Men, Winning Time 01:08:5239 Women, Winning Time 01:30:02
43.Beth Rissmeyer01:55:52

2017 USATF New York Open,Masters Championship:

Feb 12, 2017 · Ocean Breeze AC, StatenIsland, N.Y.
1.Wanda Wang06:25.461st age

Cupid's Chase 5K - Glen Rock:

Feb 11, 2017 · Glen Rock, NJ
169 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:18:34Women's Winning Time 00:22:23
44.Patricia Kutner Fiume26:18.441st Age
45.Amalie Park26:19.69
46.Karen Keaney26:23.803rd Age
47.Beth Rissmeyer26:24.312nd Age
55.Maria Scibetta27:12.492nd Age
73.Jacqueline Reuveni29:14.143rd Age

Cupid's Chase 5K - Seaside Heights:

Feb 11, 2017 · Seaside Heights, NJ
114 Runners 
35 Men, Winning Time 00:17:4679 Women, Winning Time 00:22:08
39.Gail Warshaw30:22.001st Age
69.Antje Hennings34:26.001st Age

NYRR Gridiron Classic 4M:

Feb 05, 2017 · New York, NY
5,138 Runners 
2,709 Men, Winning Time 00:19:122,429 Women, Winning Time 00:21:55
 posted from NYRRC
62.Matt Hanley24:03.00
163.Mark Snyder26:00.00
690.Gerry Ferraro29:34.00
803.Christopher Kunkel30:08.00
1585.Elizabeth Reeves33:01.00
2040.Chuck Nebbia34:36.00
2064.Patricia Kutner Fiume34:41.00
2949.Andrew B. Paer37:48.00
2981.Patricia Fitzgerald37:57.00
2980.Miho Saito37:57.00
3172.Monica Danna38:38.00
3255.Patricia Zang38:57.00
3357.Kathleen Koukeas39:17.00
3720.Barbara Paer41:01.00
3792.Ellen George41:17.00
4537.James Sperduto46:31.00
4990.Donna Carrazzone55:06.00

Pre-Game 4 Miler :

Feb 05, 2017 · Morristown, NJ
760 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
351 Men, Winning Time 00:21:33409 Women, Winning Time 00:24:37
 posted from CompuScore
11.Danny Paolazzi23:56.692nd Age
36.Nick Paolazzi26:29.251st Age
102.Jack Frame30:30.001st Place Age
109.Nancy Gitin30:48.853rd Age
122.Eric Perlmutter31:31.63
159.Christopher Jentile33:11.77
177.Stephen Karcich33:37.19
187.Kurt Helstrom33:44.94
223.Michele Becker34:39.93
418.Gail Warshaw39:03.74
433.Fran Ruff39:05.73
583.Antje Hennings43:58.161st Age
689.Betsy Van Ost49:28.69
760.Bill Welsh02:01:41.79
Half Marathon

Surf City Half Marathon:

Feb 05, 2017 · Huntington Beach, CA
Men's Winning Time 01:08:25Women's Winning Time 01:19:23
4316.Mary Connolly02:17:07

New Jersey Winter Trail Series 5K:

Feb 04, 2017 · Morristown, NJ
19 Runners 
10 Men, Winning Time 00:34:549 Women, Winning Time 00:42:49
6.Beth Rissmeyer43:16.00

Penguin Pace 2.67 Miles:

Feb 04, 2017 · Wayne, NJ
195 Runners 
77 Men, Winning Time 00:15:46118 Women, Winning Time 00:19:16
7.Fabian Vasquez18:22.132nd Age
48.Glenn Jacobs23:08.761st Age
181.Jane Van Eeuwen44:04.572nd Age
195.Bill Welsh01:19:37.721st Age

HMRRC Winter Series 30K:

Jan 29, 2017 · Albany, N.Y.
33 Runners 
24 Men, Winning Time 01:59:529 Women, Winning Time 02:37:38
20.Christopher Kunkel02:41:46

USATF-NJ Open & Masters Indoor T&F Championships 1500m:

Jan 29, 2017 · Toms River, NJ
1.Jack Frame06:07.721st age

USATF-NJ Open & Masters Indoor T&F Championships 3000m:

Jan 29, 2017 · Toms River, NJ
1.John Hogan09:58.121st age
Half Marathon

NYRR Fred Lebow Half Marathon: Manhattan:

Jan 22, 2017 · New York, NY
4,920 Runners 
2,968 Men, Winning Time 01:11:541,952 Women, Winning Time 01:16:56
 posted from NYRRC
7.Sam Teigen01:17:311st Age
16.John Hogan01:20:041st Age
18.Paul Kartanowicz01:20:29
74.David Yoo01:26:57
79.Brian McCourt01:27:152nd Age
135.Matt Hanley01:29:27
292.Kevin McAree01:35:12
395.John Owens01:37:26
676.Gerry Ferraro01:42:21
721.Mark Snyder01:43:13
872.Christopher Kunkel01:45:08
879.Alexis Goebel01:45:17
1143.Miho Saito01:49:06
1433.Elizabeth Reeves01:52:32
1450.Patricia Fitzgerald01:52:42
1552.Fabian Vasquez01:53:48
1951.Aaron Kleinbaum01:57:32
2100.Patricia Kutner Fiume01:59:05
2314.Svetla Sands02:01:52
2461.Jacqueline Reuveni02:03:46
3254.Dominique Hamel02:14:08
3576.Lynn Dragovich02:20:02
3584.Kathleen Koukeas02:20:16
3585.Fran Ruff02:20:16
3730.Andrew Sommerfeld02:22:59
4104.Jerri Baccus Glover02:30:34
4129.Gail Warshaw02:31:10
4130.Ellen George02:31:11
4306.Barbara Paer02:36:54
4374.Andrew B. Paer02:38:58
4400.Brenda Olesin02:40:18
4440.Antje Hennings02:41:553rd Age

N.J. Trail Series 4:

Jan 21, 2017 · Morristown,N.J.
38 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:34:33Women's Winning Time 00:35:49
12.Beth Rissmeyer41:56.00

Miles Mania Grand Prix - 800m:

Jan 19, 2017 · Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex, Staten Island, NY
0.Matt Hanley02:26.00

Miles Mania Grand Prix - Mile:

Jan 19, 2017 · Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex, Staten Island, NY
0.Matt Hanley05:12.00

HMRRC Winter Series 25K:

Jan 15, 2017 · Albany, N.Y.
64 Runners 
44 Men, Winning Time 01:29:5820 Women, Winning Time 01:47:33
32.Christopher Kunkel02:09:59
Half Marathon

Key West Half Marathon:

Jan 15, 2017 · Key West, FL
2,449 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 01:20:02Women's Winning Time 01:19:03
308.Patricia Kutner Fiume01:56:531st Age

Louisiana Marathon:

Jan 15, 2017 · Baton Rouge, LA
951 Runners 
537 Men, Winning Time 02:33:36Women's Winning Time 03:10:42
152.Charles Davis03:46:09
546.Dominique Hamel04:41:40

Blue Point Brewing Company 10 Mile:

Jan 14, 2017 · Patchogue, NY
1,333 Runners 
712 Men, Winning Time 00:50:38621 Women, Winning Time 01:01:52
31.Matt Hanley01:04:15

NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K:

Jan 07, 2017 · Central Park, New York
4,870 Runners 
2,713 Men, Winning Time 00:30:232,157 Women, Winning Time 00:35:31
 posted from NYRRC
87.Matt Hanley39:16.00
246.Mark Snyder42:50.00
799.Christopher Kunkel47:47.00
1270.Nancy Gitin50:51.00
1755.Elizabeth Reeves53:27.00
2011.Chuck Nebbia54:46.00
2248.Patricia Kutner Fiume56:03.002nd Age
3847.Kathleen Koukeas01:06:41.00
3856.Ellen George01:06:43.00
3864.Barbara Paer01:06:46.00

1st Day 5K:

Jan 01, 2017 · Fair Lawn, NJ
472 Runners USATF-GP: 500 pts.
251 Men, Winning Time 00:16:08221 Women, Winning Time 00:19:28
 posted from Best
3.Sam Teigen16:54.103rd Overall
5.Rudi Trivigno Jr.17:38.802nd Age
6.John Hogan17:39.201st Age
7.Danny Paolazzi17:41.901st Age
18.Jason Heap19:27.203rd Age
21.Brian McCourt19:30.901st Age
22.Nick Paolazzi19:36.202nd Age
23.Mark Snyder19:37.40
42.Ed Kavanagh21:08.00
43.Charles Davis21:10.10
44.Camille Davis21:13.501st Age
48.Lisa Swain21:21.801st Age
50.James Linn21:35.901st Age
52.David Robinson21:40.10
53.Joe Maranzani21:40.503rd Age
54.Mike Dunne21:42.40
63.Walt Jamros22:28.402nd Age
67.Peter Molyneux22:38.603rd Age
71.Christopher Kunkel22:55.80
74.Eric Perlmutter23:07.50
80.Hugo Del Bove23:16.001st Age
85.Debbie Brathwaite23:30.502nd Age
87.Fabian Vasquez23:36.70
89.Jack Frame23:39.601st Age
93.Esther Rubinstein23:47.102nd Age
95.Nancy Gitin23:51.701st Age
100.Ron Bienstock24:08.20
103.Stephen Karcich24:15.00
111.Aaron Kleinbaum24:47.90
112.John Brady24:52.50
114.Gloria Huberman24:59.703rd Age
120.Patricia Kutner Fiume25:13.501st Age
123.Christopher Jentile25:17.90
130.Sandra Galindo25:26.20
131.Teresa Simpson25:28.10
132.Stephen Jones25:28.70
144.Thomas Hoffmann25:44.60
147.Colleen Arata25:53.00
149.Beth Rissmeyer25:59.60
152.Devin Sargent26:06.80
155.Amalie Park26:21.402nd Age
160.Svetla Sands26:34.503rd Age
164.Elizabeth Reeves26:42.20
166.Daniel Kirsch26:47.402nd Age
169.Martin Hayes26:54.70
173.Michele Becker27:02.00
177.Eduardo Sargent27:07.80
178.Carmen Sargent27:07.80
185.Mary Connolly27:19.40
187.Beatrice Davis27:23.10
189.Norman Chester27:24.90
192.Maria Scibetta27:34.00
195.Melynda Whitnall27:36.60
197.Andrew Sommerfeld27:37.90
198.Cami Klein27:39.702nd Age
200.Dominique Hamel27:49.80
211.Pete Shanno28:11.603rd Age
224.Glenn Jacobs28:45.40
225.Robert Abbatomarco28:47.60
227.Patricia Kavanagh28:49.80
228.Cathy Howath28:50.10
232.John Galarza28:57.20
239.Peter Muccio29:09.50
242.Kathleen Koukeas29:13.70
245.Lynn Dragovich29:32.20
248.Deborah Lee29:39.70
252.Jacqueline Reuveni29:51.70
301.Lou Gallo32:22.50
323.Joseph C. Holloway33:42.00
335.Shilpa Narang34:22.80
336.Vishal Damania34:25.00
369.Pete Kelly36:12.00
384.Atish Dalvi37:31.40
385.Sarah Davis37:32.30
392.Adriana Rivera37:54.60
394.Lori Schmarak38:01.30
418.John Ryan40:53.10
423.Susan Hogan42:00.80
424.Christine Priddy42:01.00
431.Megan Dippolito43:45.50
432.Sachiko Kawamura43:53.303rd Age
439.Jane Van Eeuwen45:49.30
442.Maggie Suarez46:14.80
451.Sabino Rodano47:52.20
452.Tammy Shaw Rodano47:53.30
453.Felicia Brobson48:11.90
454.Barbara Christianson48:26.60
465.Romy Vreeland51:21.90
466.Jennifer Romanoff51:22.00
467.Linda Lyons51:23.70
468.Vivian Chester51:34.30

CJRRC Hangover 5K:

Jan 01, 2017 · Westfield, NJ
730 Runners 
363 Men, Winning Time 00:17:14367 Women, Winning Time 00:19:18
 posted from CompuScore
105.Wanda Wang23:14.451st Age
109.Miho Saito23:20.791st Age
133.Patricia Fitzgerald24:01.812nd Age
448.Gail Warshaw31:30.63
449.Ellen George31:30.83
511.Antje Hennings33:25.811st age
602.Betsy Van Ost36:36.34
730.Bill Welsh01:30:16.302nd Age

Resolution 5K - Vero Beach FL:

Jan 01, 2017 · Vero Beach, FL
319 Runners 
Men's Winning Time 00:17:24Women's Winning Time 00:19:26
41.Erika Campbell23:45.921st Age
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